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Tamworth Cycling Festival 2018

Tamworth Hotel


Event information

The Tamworth Cycling Festival celebrates cycling in the vibrant city of Tamworth, and features a program of events to suit cyclists of every level. The festival will include a multi-discipline hill climb (mountain bike, road bike and running) at the scenic Oxley Lookout; a criterium event in the heart of Tamworth CBD, the traditional 100km Nemingha to Nundle handicap race on the Sunday, and a 100km gran fando and 35km country ride through the beautiful Dungowan Valley.

In addition to world-class country music, Tamworth is a dynamic and progressive city boasting sport and lifestyle opportunities that are the envy of its city counterparts. Add to this its natural beauty and an enviable wining, dining and cafe culture and it is easy to see why so many people visit the region each year. The Tamworth Cycling Festival offers the opportunity to experience all of this and more.

The Armidale XPLORER runs daily between Sydney and Armidale and stops at Tamworth.

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