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B-line program to deliver Opal activated commuter car park trial

The introduction of the Northern Beaches B-Line service between Mona Vale and the Sydney CBD in late 2017 will also bring improvements to services and infrastructure within the northern region including the trial of Opal-activated commuter car parks.

The Opal access controlled car park trials are to make it easier for public transport customers to find a parking space. You will qualify for free parking if you take a public transport trip while your car is in the car park and so long as your stay is 18 hours or less. All you need to do is use the same Opal card you travelled with, to tap out of the car park.

The Opal activated car park trials will be available when the B-Line service launches in late 2017, with the initial trial locations being the commuter carparks at Brookvale and Dee Why. Additional Opal activated car parks will be introduced across the Northern Beaches in Manly Vale, Narrabeen, Warriewood and Mona Vale in 2018.

In order to qualify for free parking you must:

  • Exit the car park within 18 hours from the time of entry;
  • Have tapped off from a public transport trip (any mode) using a valid Opal card within the 18hr period of entering the car park; and
  • Use the same Opal card to tap out of the car park

* Single Trip Tickets, Opal Day Pass and School Cards do not qualify for free parking.
* All other Opal cards qualify for access to free parking.
* If you don’t travel on public transport and use the car park you will be charged at the commercial parking rate for the local area.