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Meet RITA: The new transport bot to help you plan your trip

Transport for NSW has launched a new travel chatbot via Facebook Messenger, which can provide real-time train, bus, ferry and light rail arrival information.

A chatbot, or bot, is a computer program that mimics conversation using artificial intelligence to interpret requests and provide a response.

RITA (Real-time Intelligent Transport Assistant) is the NSW Transport bot which provides service updates and real-time information for all modes of public transport. If you have a Facebook account, RITA can be accessed through Facebook Messenger either on mobile via the Facebook Messenger app or on a desktop computer through a web browser. Just search for "RITA NSW Transport bot".

Right now you can get next departure information across all modes of transport, but more features including the ability to answer common transport information queries and push notifications for transport disruptions that might affect your journey will be introduced in the future. 

To get started, simply choose your mode of transport and type in your location or bus stop ID (which is available at your bus stop) and RITA will tell you when your next services are due to arrive.

Chat to RITA: NSW Transport bot