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A new real-time Trip Planner – try it out

The new real-time Trip Planner has been updated and improved to focus on you. The Trip Planner is mobile friendly, personalised and provides the most accurate and up-to-date real-time trip planning information.

The data and information you receive is current and accurate. The Trip Planner uses the same scheduled data as the old Trip Planner but in the new version, we’ve added real-time data.

Why a whole new Trip Planner?

We undertook customer research to inform us of improvements and changes that you wanted. We listened to what you asked for.

It’s a long list, so here are just some of the best bits.

With the new real-time Trip Planner, trip plans will tell you whether your service is running on schedule or you have some extra time up your sleeve. Real-time information provides up-to-the-minute information on predicted departure and arrival times for your next service. This means you can make choices based on actual travel time, not just scheduled times, which may vary depending on traffic or weather conditions.

Look out for the real-time icon which tells you whether real time data is available for your trip.

Maps are critical for travel and they are a core feature of the new Trip Planner. On large screens, the map is front and centre on the Trip Planner. On smaller screen, you can easily navigate to the map view for each trip.

Using the interactive map, you can plan your trip from and to any stop or point of interest. You can also locate your nearest stop, station or wharf and find your nearest Opal retailer to top up.

More than 65 per cent of you access the Trip Planner on a mobile phone or tablet device. With that in mind, we designed the new Trip Planner as a mobile-first experience. Our goal was to ensure that the core tasks needed to plan a trip can be accomplished quickly and easily on mobile devices.

The Trip Planner is responsive which means no matter what device you are on – mobile, tablet or desktop – the Trip Planner will resize to fit your screen.

Create a trip plan from your current location to your home address and save it as a favourite trip, and you will be able to check your trip options to home with one click no matter where you are. We call it the ‘take me home’ feature.

We’ve added personalisation to remember your locations and save previous trips. You can even set your Opal card type to get accurate fare information.

Real-time travel alerts keep you abreast of what's happening. The Trip Planner gives you real-time trip planning information and informs you if service changes or disruptions will affect your trip, so you can make informed travel choices.

Some old operating systems and browsers are not supported, and this may mean that not everything works as you expect. If this happens to you, try using another browser. We recommend using the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

We regularly test on a variety of popular devices and carry out user testing with a wide range of people to improve the user experience for everyone. Vision Australia is also regularly engaged to ensure that our site is accessible for people with accessibility needs, ensuring it works on assistive devices and software.

We follow the guidelines for Australian government websites by supporting W3C's WCAG 2.0 Guidelines AA level.

Have a suggestion? Please tell us what you think of the new Trip Planner. Your feedback will help us make a better Trip Planner.