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New real-time trip planning apps available

Three new trip planning apps are now available to help you plan your trip on public transport with real-time travel information. The apps join the suite of existing transport apps available for use on your phone, tablet or computer.

The three new apps are:


Designed for people travelling with infants and young children, Navibaby is a mobile app which provides pram and stroller friendly trip plans. It features helpful suggestions for new parents learning to travel with a pram or stroller.

Navibaby is available to download on Google Play and coming soon to Apple.



AnyTrip is a mobile responsive web app that allows you to track services and share real-time arrival times and travel alerts using Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS or Twitter.

Visit the AnyTrip website to find out more.


Splice Trip NSW

Splice Trip NSW is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that allows you to quickly and easily look up train times in NSW. You can view and create trip plans without having to leave Facebook Messenger, and share them with your friends.

Visit the Splice Trip NSW website

These apps are the result of a collaboration between app developers and Transport for NSW. Transport for NSW has made public transport data available to developers and technologists who in turn are creating the next generation of digital tools to plan trips. Developers are encouraged to apply at the Open Data Hub.