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Sydney bus changes from 4 June

From Sunday 4 June, new and additional services on existing bus routes servicing Ryde, Lower North Shore and the Inner West will be introduced as part of the NSW Growth Services Program. This also includes the start of a new route 530, running between Burwood and Chatswood, offering new links between the Inner West and Lower North Shore. The timetables of some existing routes will be adjusted to accommodate these changes. Some bus routes will no longer operate due to low demand and the alternative travel options available.

Route 252

  • Route 252 will extend to and from Gladesville via Linley Point and Hunters Hill.
  • Over 60 additional weekly trips will also be introduced on Route 252, with buses every 30 minutes in the evening and on Sundays.

Route 254, 269 and 291

  • Route 254, 269 and 291 will have minor timetable changes.

Route 265

  • Route 265 will now end at North Sydney Station, instead of McMahons Point.
  • Please transfer to Route 254 or 291 at North Sydney to continue on to McMahons Point.

Route 285 and 292

  • Route 285 will include two additional morning trips to Mars Road from the City, adding 10 trips per week, with some minor timetable changes.
  • Route 292 will include two additional trips and minor timetable changes, adding 10 additional trips per week between Marsfield and the City.

Route 295

  • Route 295 will end at Epping Station and no longer run to Macquarie Centre.
  • If you are travelling from North Epping to Macquarie University or Macquarie Centre please use Route 288, 291 or M54 bus services or T1 Northern Line train services from Epping station.
  • There will also be additional weekday peak hour and evening services and earlier and later services on weekends with minor timetable changes. This will result in over 50 additional trips per week between North Epping and Epping Station.

Route 430 and 495

  • The Route 430 and 495 bus services will end due to low demand.
  • Route 430 alternative services include Routes 476, 477, 947 and 958.
  • Alternatives to the Route 495 are available on Route 493 or T2 Airport Line services. Route 491 and M41 also offer alternatives to part of Route 495.

Route 458 and 459

  • Route 459 will end due to low demand and the availability of alternative services including the Route M41 bus service between Burwood and Macquarie Centre.
  • The limited Route 458 trips running to and from Macquarie University will no longer operate, instead running only between Ryde and Burwood.

Route 500, 504, 506, 507, 515 and 518

  • Route 506 will have an additional 30 trips per week improving services between Macquarie University and the City via East Ryde.
  • Route 518 will have an additional 50 trips per week improving services between Macquarie University and the City via Gladesville.
  • Other routes will have minor timetable changes with additional trips on some Victoria Road bus routes.

Route 530 – new route

  • The Route 530 is a new service, running 7 days a week from Burwood to Chatswood via Five Dock, Drummoyne, Hunters Hill, Lane Cover West and Lane Cove.
  • Buses will run every 20 minutes during weekday peak hours and every 30 minutes at other times, from early morning until late evening providing over 500 weekly trips.

Route 536

  • Route 536 services will now run Monday to Friday, during peak hours only.
  • Please use the new Route 530 for bus services between Hunters Hill and Chatswood or route 252, which will run to and from Gladesville, for travel at times when the 536 does not run.

Use the Trip Planner to plan a trip on or after Sunday 4 June to see if your travel plans are affected.