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Travel tips to help save you time and money

Starting from 26 November, hundreds of extra train, bus and ferry services are being introduced across Sydney’s transport network. On the Northern Beaches, B-Line buses will provide turn up and go services between Mona Vale and the CBD. Services will run every five minutes in the morning peak from 6am to 10am, and every 10 minutes at other times.

With more services available to you, taking a moment to plan your travel in Sydney can help you save time and even reduce the cost of your trip.

Ideas to improve your commute

Beat the peak

If your workplace is embracing flexible working hours, make the most of it and retime your commute to and from the office to avoid peak times, particularly between 8–9am, and 5–6pm. This can help reduce your travel time, allow for a more comfortable trip and improve your work-life balance.

Consider your flexible working options with the Travel Choices flexible working toolkit.

Save on train fares

Travelling on the train before or after the peak could also save you money. Opal train fares are discounted by 30 per cent when you travel outside of peak times on the Opal network. Your fare is calculated based on the time you tap on.

Find out more about how Opal fares are calculated.

Leave the car at home

Public transport can be a reliable alternative to driving. Using public transport allows you more time to concentrate on something you enjoy such as reading a book or planning your next holiday.

You will need an Opal card to travel in Sydney and surrounds. Find out more about Opal cards and how to get one.

Plan ahead

With ongoing improvements across Sydney’s transport network, take a moment before you travel to check the travel alerts for any service disruptions taking place on your route.

Explore other modes of transport and alternative routes for your trip.

You could even reduce the cost of your trip and incorporate some physical activity into your daily commute by walking or cycling. Find out about the connected cycleway network in the CBD and walk more, especially for short trips.