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More bus services for Eastern Sydney

From 23 September 2018 route 333 will gain additional services, becoming a high frequency high capacity turn up and go service, with buses as often as every three minutes during peak times between Bondi Beach and Circular Quay.

The increase in services will mean the popular bus route becomes one of the most frequent transport services available in Australia.

The corresponding increase in capacity will allow thousands of additional passengers to get a seat each week along Bondi Road, helping to ease congestion. Weekend services will also gain a boost in services to accommodate families and tourists visiting Bondi Beach.

Outside of weekday peak periods 333 buses will run every six minutes during the day and every 10 minutes at night, seven days a week. The overnight 333N bus will run all-stops between the City and North Bondi, making it easier to get home late at night.

Changes will also be made to other bus routes in the east, with improvements to reliability and service frequencies during off peak, evenings and weekends. Four routes that currently travel to Bondi Junction, the 382, X79 and X84 from North Bondi and the 361 from Tamarama will be replaced by additional services on other routes. There will also be additional services and some route changes for the L24, 380 and 381.

These changes will start from Sunday 23 September 2018, with full details of all route changes and the new timetables becoming available from early September.

Service changes by route

  • Route will be extended to operate between North Bondi and Edgecliff via Dover Heights (old route operated between Dover Heights and Edgecliff only)
  • In the Dover Heights area, route 323 will no longer stop at the last two stops on Military Road and the stop on Peel Rd, instead operating via Portland St, Lancaster Rd and Military Rd to and from North Bondi
  • No change to the number of trips or the operating hours
  • Route 323 has been timed to facilitate connections to F4 ferry services at Rose Bay Wharf
  • Additional evening services, increasing service frequency to every 40 minutes on both routes from the current 60 minutes
  • Route changed to operate between Vaucluse (Old South Head Rd) and Wynyard
  • If you are travelling from Watsons Bay will instead need to catch the more frequent route 324
  • The service will now serve all stops between Vaucluse and Edgecliff, then as per existing stopping pattern to Wynyard
  • Very minor changes to times for some trips but the frequency of services and span of hours they operate are unchanged
  • Peak period trips extending between North Bondi and Dover Heights have been withdrawn; you can change to routes 323 and 380 services
  • The stopping pattern will be changed to reflect demand and changes to surrounding services
  • Additional services will operate throughout the week using high capacity bendy buses to address high demand along the corridor
  • New route 333N replaces the current 380 overnight all stops service between North Bondi and City
  • The service will run from 11pm until 6am operating at all stops
  • Additional off-peak and weekend services, increasing service frequency to every 20 minutes
  • Replaced by route 381 (which will now operate via the Tamarama area) and the existing 360 service
  • Additional services will operate throughout the week, increasing service frequency to every 15 minutes during the day, 10 minutes during the peak
  • This service now provides more travel options across the week
  • Additional AM and PM peak and evening services on weekdays with some bendy buses providing extra capacity during the busy AM peak period
  • More frequent daytime and evening services on weekends
  • If you used to catch the X79 you can now catch 379 from the same stops
  • If you used to catch the X84 you can now catch 333, 379, 380 or route 386/387 from nearby stops
  • Route will be changed to operate between Watsons Bay and Bondi Junction only (currently operates to/from Circular Quay)
  • You should now catch routes 333 and M40 between Bondi Junction and the City
  • Service extensions to and from Watsons Bay will start and end later across the week, operating into the evening
  • Services that do not extend to Watsons Bay will now start and end their trips at South Head Cemetery instead of Dover Heights, allowing connections with route 324
  • Route will be changed to operate between Bondi Junction and Bronte (north), via Bondi Rd and Tamarama, to replace the withdrawal of route 361
  • In the Bondi area services will no longer operate to Bondi Beach, instead operating via Denham St, Fletcher St, Gaerloch Ave/Dellview St to Bronte
  • Replaced by additional services on routes 333 and 380
  • Additional early AM and evening services throughout the week
  • Additional Sunday services, increasing service frequency to every 30 minutes on both routes every day, during the day and night
  • Additional weekend services, increasing service frequency to every 15 minutes during the day
  • Additional early morning and late evening services throughout the week between Wynyard and Bondi Junction, operating from 6am to 11pm
  • Services better aligned to passenger demand to start earlier and finish later