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New regional coach connections for Tamworth, Dubbo and Port Macquarie

From Monday 12 March, NSW TrainLink will launch a trial of three new services offering better connections between Tamworth and Newcastle, Dubbo and Port Macquarie.

The aim of the new services is to improve connections between regional communities, providing better access to medical and healthcare providers, business, shopping and recreational activities in regional areas.

The new routes will use fully accessible coaches with on board toilet and two wheelchair spaces. The service to Newcastle is timed to allow travel from Tamworth to each key location in the morning, with a return service in the evening. These routes will complement existing NSW TrainLink Train and Coach services in these areas providing more travel options for residents.

The trial will run for at least six months with NSW TrainLink reviewing the trial throughout this period to make any adjustments and ensure the community benefits.

Services to Newcastle will run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, travelling by coach to Scone or Muswellbrook and connecting to trains services to continue to Newcastle in the morning and returning in the evening.

Dubbo coach services will run each Monday and Friday, departing Tamworth in the morning and stopping at Somerton, Carroll, Gunnedah, Mullaley, Coonabarabran and Gilgandra before reaching Dubbo. A return service will then run in the afternoon.

Coaches from Tamworth to Port Macquarie will run on Monday, Friday and Sundays. On Mondays services leave from Tamworth in the morning and return in the afternoon, allowing for a day trip. Coaches will also leave Tamworth on Friday afternoon with a return service on Sunday afternoon, allowing for a weekend getaway. These services will have stops including Walcha and Wauchope along the way.

These services are now available for booking.

Similar trials are planned in other regional areas and community consultation has already begun on trails for Wagga and Albury, you can have your say online or find out where and when community information sessions will be held.  

NSW TrainLink new coach services from Tamworth run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, connecting to existing train services at Scone on Monday and Wednesday, or Muswellbrook on Friday, allowing you to make a day return trip. These services are in addition to the existing daily XPLORER train services from Tamworth.

Limited time trial from Monday 12 March 2018. Bookings essential.

Tamworth to Newcastle - Monday/Wednesday and Friday PM

  Mon/Wed (AM) Mon/Wed (PM) Fri(PM)
Tamworth 03:50 16:30 18:10
Werris Creek Town 04:26 17:05 18:46
Quirindi 04:45 17:24 19:05
Willow Tree Town 05:02 17:41 19:21
Murrurundi Town 05:19 17:59 19:39
Scone 05:55 18:33 20:13
Connection to Train      
Scone 06:07 19:06 20:51
Aberdeen d06:16 19:15 21:00
Muswellbrook d06:24 19:23 21:08
Singleton d06:55 19:54 21:39
Maitland d07:28 20:27 22:12
Newcastle Interchange 08:01 21:00 22:45

d - drop off only stop

Tamworth to Newcastle - Friday AM

  Fri (AM)
Tamworth 07:20
Werris Creek Town 07:56
Quirindi 08:15
Willow Tree Town 08:32
Murrurundi Town 08:50
Scone 09:25
Aberdeen Town 09:39
Muswellbrook 09:52
Connection to Train  
Muswellbrook 10:09
Singleton d10:39
Maitland d11:12
Newcastle Interchange 11:45

d - drop off only stop

Newcastle to Tamworth - Monday/Wednesday and Friday PM

  Mon/Wed (AM) Mon/Wed (PM) Fri(PM)
Newcastle Interchange 03:18 16:29 17:59
Maitland 03:58 u17:01 18:31
Singleton 04:30 u17:33 19:03
Muswellbrook 05:01 u18:04 19:34
Aberdeen 05:10 u18:14 19:43
Scone 05:21 18:24 19:54
Connection to Coach      
Scone 06:05 18:45 20:30
Murrurundi Town 06:38 19:18 21:03
Willow Tree Town 06:57 19:37 21:21
Quirindi 07:13 19:53 21:37
Werris Creek Town 07:32 20:12 21:55
Tamworth 08:10 20:50 22:32

u - pickup only stop

Newcastle to Tamworth - Friday AM

  Fri (AM)
Newcastle Interchange 08:17
Maitland 08:46
Singleton 09:18
Muswellbrook 09:49
Connection to Coach  
Muswellbrook 10:10
Aberdeen Town 10:22
Scone 10:35
Murrurundi 11:10
Willow Tree 11:29
Quirindi 11:45
Werris Creek 12:04
Tamworth 12:42


NSW TrainLink new weekday coach services from Tamworth to Dubbo each Monday and Friday, returning from Dubbo on the same day.
Limited time trial from Monday 12 March 2018. Bookings essential.

Tamworth to Dubbo

Coach departs Mon/Fri
Tamworth 09:00
Somerton 09:32
Carroll 09:45
Gunnedah 10:04
Mullaley 10:34
Coonabarabran 11:20
Gilgandra 12:23
Dubbo 13:15

Dubbo to Tamworth

Coach departs Mon/Fri
Dubbo 14:20
Gilgandra 15:10
Coonabarabran 16:13
Mullaley 17:01
Gunnedah 17:27
Carroll 17:49
Somerton 18:03
Tamworth 18:36


NSW TrainLink new weekday and weekend services from Tamworth to Port Macquarie.
Limited time trial from Monday 12 March 2018. Bookings essential.

Tamworth to Port Macquarie

Coach departs Mon Fri
Tamworth 08:55 14:00
Kootingal Town 09:13 14:18
Moonbi 09:20 14:25
Bendemeer T/off 09:36 14:41
Walcha 10:13 15:18
Long Flat 12:20 17:25
Wauchope 12:54 17:54
Port Macquarie 13:15 18:20

Port Macquarie to Tamworth

Coach departs Mon Sun
Port Macquarie 14:15 15:00
Wauchope 14:35 15:20
Long Flat 15:06 15:51
Walcha 17:07 17:50
Bendemeer T/off 17:45 18:35
Moonbi 18:03 18:53
Kootingal Town 18:09 18:59
Tamworth 18:30 19:20