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Updated Newcastle timetables now available

You can now plan your new trip on Newcastle’s bus and ferry network, with new timetables released ahead of the network launch on Sunday 14 January.

Newcastle is set to receive 1,280 new bus and ferry services, better connections and increased frequency across Newcastle and eastern Lake Macquarie when the new network is introduced.

Your bus route may change. Most of the bus routes and timetables have been revised and new services will be added to the network to better meet your needs. To match the new network, most routes numbers will be simplified to double digits. School bus routes will not change.

High frequency bus services will run every 15 minutes on key corridors, while ferry services will also run every 15 minutes between Stockton and Newcastle. Three of the four core bus routes will also connect with the ferry service at Queens Wharf.

To see how these changes affect you visit

Timetables are now available. Download a new timetable.

Plan your new trip for 14 January.