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Opal+ Subscription bundles

With an automatic renewal, Opal+ subscriptions are a more convenient way to pay for travel, saving you time, avoiding forgotten payments and a lack of funds on your Opal travel card. You'll also have the option to purchase as you go, if auto-renewal is not for you.

When registering your interest in one of our subscription bundles, consider your travel habits – where you usually catch public transport, how far and often you travel, and the days and times of your typical journeys. This will help you choose the subscription most suitable for you. Or if you’re not sure, use our handy subscription chooser tool to help find the right subscription for you.

Remember, Opal+ considers your journey as multi-leg, to take you from your starting point, right through to your destination. That means one multi-leg journey includes all the types of public transport that you need to get you to your destination.

When using multiple types of public transport with Opal+, every transfer between metro/train, ferry, bus or light rail as part of one journey, needs to be within 60 minutes from the last tap off.

Unlimited bundles

Unlimited bundles are perfect for the weekly work commuter or if you like to explore the city on the weekends, as they offer unlimited travel on public transport. Travel at any time for work or for fun, as much as you want each week, on the Opal network.

* See terms and conditions.

Journey bundles

If you move around a lot, but not every day, then a Journey bundle is for you. You can select the Journey bundles that’s right for you, based on the number of days you travel in a week and the distance you travel. Plus, if you travel off-peak*, your trip is 40% cheaper than traveling during peak times with an anytime bundle.

* Opal network off-peak travel times are between 10am-3pm and 7pm and 6.30am.

A Journey bundle covers the costs of all the multi-leg parts of your journey on public transport, allowing bus, train, light-rail, to get you from A to B to C in one journey*.

* All metro, train, bus, or light rail trips on the Opal network are included in Journey bundles. Ferry rides are charged an additional $3 per journey. Cancel anytime.

* See terms and conditions.

Opal+ fares are different to the standard Opal fares, as fares are bundled for multi-leg journeys and calculated based on the distance travelled.

If you no longer have an active subscription, you have the option to pay as you go with Opal+. When you pay as you go, you’ll pay the adult peak and off-peak fares outlined below.

If you’ve subscribed to one of the Journey bundles but your plans change and you need to make another journey or travel outside of your pre-paid distance, you’ll also pay the adult peak and off-peak fares for the journeys you make outside of your bundle.

The maximum you’ll pay with pay as you go fares will be $16.80 per weekday, and $8.40 per day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Distance Adult peak Adult off-peak
0 –10 km $4.30 $3.00
10 –20 km $5.28 $3.70
20 –30 km $5.90 $4.15
30 -40 km $6.53 $4.60
40 –50 km $7.26 $5.10
50+ km $8.39 $5.85
Ferry fee +$3.00 +$3.00

Opal+ subscription bundles Terms and Conditions

All metro, train, bus, or light rail trips on the Opal network are included in Journey bundles. Ferry rides are charged an additional $3 per journey. This fee is included in Unlimited bundles.

If you’re travelling by train to the Sydney Domestic or International Airport, you’ll pay an Airport Station Access Fee. This fee applies to all payment methods for the Opal network – including Opal+, credit and debit cards, and an Opal card. Station access fees are not included in Unlimited bundles, Journey bundles or pay as you go fares.

View the Opal+ FAQs to get to know more about Opal+, including what happens if you travel outside your subscription distance or journey frequency.