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24 hour clock

The 24-hour clock is commonly used in timetables and where space is restricted. It is used without ‘am’ or ‘pm’.

The 24-hour clock is a convention of time keeping in which the day runs from midnight to midnight and is divided into 24 hours. The 24-hour clock starts at midnight (00:00) and indicates the hours passed, from 0 to 23.

It is the most common system in use in the world, and is the international standard notation of time. (ISO 8601)

The 24-hour clock is used throughout to refer to specific services. Times are presented as HH:MM.

12-hour clock 1.00am 2.00am 3.00am 4.00am 5.00am 6.00am
24-hour clock 01:00 02:00 03:00 04:00 05:00 06:00
12-hour clock 7.00am 8.00am 9.00am 10.00am 11.00am 12.00pm
24-hour clock 07:00 08:00 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00
12-hour clock 1.00pm 2.00pm 3.00pm 4.00pm 5.00pm 6.00pm
24-hour clock 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00
12-hour clock 7.00pm 8.00pm 9.00pm 10.00pm 11.00pm 12.00am
24-hour clock 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00 00:00