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Route 980 Caringbah South 'Turn Up and Go' bus trial

The 'Turn Up and Go' route 980 is a high frequency bus service being trialled in Caringbah South between Lilli Pilli Point and Caringbah Station using new look buses.

Services will operate every 10 minutes during weekday peak periods along Port Hacking Road, conveniently picking up customers at existing bus stops marked with the route 980 signs.

The route 980 will arrive and depart from Caringbah Station at the Hay Ave Shops bus stop, located around the corner from the station opposite the Australia Post Office.

The same conditions of travel as regular bus services will apply.

The route 980 trial will operate alongside our existing route 977, and together aim to provide a convenient set of options for customers who would normally drive to Caringbah station. You can plan your journey using the Trip Planner or on the Opal Travel app.

Transport for NSW will use the trial to learn more about encouraging people to use public transport for the first and last mile of their journey. The Trial operated by Transdev Link began on Monday 18 November 2019 and has been extended until the end of 2020 to assess the patronage potential over a longer time period.

See the route map and timetable

Hours of operation

Monday to Friday
6am - 9am Lilli Pilli Point to Caringbah Station
4pm - 8.30pm Caringbah Station to Lilli Pilli Point

Services will not operate on weekends or between 23 December 2019 and 3 January 2020 or on public holidays.


Fares will be the same as an Opal bus fare.

Opal benefits apply, such as travel rewards including receiving a $2 discount when you transfer to a train service as part of one journey within 60 minutes from the last tap off.

You can pay using an Opal card, credit and debit card and linked smart devices, and need to tap on and off this service.


The vehicles used for this trial are not accessible and are not equipped with child restraints.

If you have limited mobility, a wheelchair or are travelling with a pram and/or children under the age of 7, then you can travel on the regular route 977 service.

Most of the 977 services are accessible and operate from the same bus stops.