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Tottenham-Dubbo transport service

The Tottenham-Dubbo transport service is a booked service that runs weekly on Wednesdays between Tottenham and Dubbo via Albert and Narromine.

Additional pick up and drop off points can be discussed when making the booking. For example, if you want to travel to Dubbo Airport, train station or hospital, you can make that arrangement when you book.

The vehicle type will vary depending on the number of passengers that have booked, and you may travel by car or small bus. The service will offer air-conditioning, storage for cold products and other needs including wheelchairs and prams.

Fares are $15 return for adults and $2.50 for eligible concession holders, regardless of where you start and finish your trip.

You will need to pay the driver in cash. Credit, debit and pay wave card facilities are not available.

You need to book by 3pm on Tuesdays by calling the operator LiveBetter on 02 6882 7711.

The transport service is based on bookings so the below schedule could vary.

The service will travel via Albert and Narromine to Dubbo town centre. Pick up and drop off points will vary, depending on the bookings.

Tottenham to Dubbo

  • 8.15am: Depart Tottenham from Gem of the West Café, Umang Street.
  • 8.45am: Arrive Albert at Rabbit Trap Hotel, Federation Street. Depart Albert 8.50am.
  • 9.50am: Arrive Narromine near the swimming pool on Burroway Street. Depart Narromine 10.00am.
  • 10.30am: Arrive (drop off 1) Dubbo at Dubbo Square, Macquarie Street near Flowers by Jennifer.
  • 10.45am: Arrive (drop off 2) Dubbo at Orana Mall in the underneath carpark near the parcel pickup area.

Dubbo to Tottenham

  • 2.00pm: Depart Dubbo Orana Mall from the underneath carpark near parcel pickup area.
  • 2.15pm: Depart Dubbo Dubbo Square, Macquarie Street near Flowers by Jennifer.
  • 3.00pm: Arrive Narromine and depart 3.10pm.
  • 4.10pm: Arrive Albert and depart 4.15pm.
  • 4.35pm: Arrive Tottenham.

At the time of booking, you will need to let LiveBetter know if you will be travelling with a wheelchair. The service will be wheelchair accessible.

If you are travelling with young children and require a child restraint to be fitted to the vehicle, you should discuss this when you make your booking.

Prams and other luggage will be stowed in a trailer, which will be attached to the vehicle.

All luggage, other than hand luggage must be stowed in the trailer, which will be attached to the vehicle.

Restrictions on the size, number and weight of items may apply.

Large eskies will be available to store frozen and refrigerated goods.

Food and drink (except water) may not be consumed on the transport service, unless you have a medical exemption.

There are existing daily services between Narromine and Dubbo, including school bus and regular bus services. This is a new service which will provide Narromine an additional trip in each direction on Wednesdays.