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Stop Announcer


Stop Announcer (NSW) is designed to help customers with vision impairment navigate their way on public transport. It has a clear, high-contrast display and uses GPS to track your device’s location and announce stops along your route.

  • Uses stop numbers to determine your route.
  • Allows you to save stops and routes for regular or planned trips.
  • Can find the stop closest to you, or you can enter a known stop number.
  • Allows you to listen to stop information again by tapping the 'Speak' button at any point.
  • Will warn you if you select a short rail platform as your destination stop.

Accessibility features

Supports Voiceover (iOS) and Talkback (Android)

Stop Announcer is a route guidance app, it will not plan your trip. Stop Announcer will not work well inside buildings. It will warn you at regular intervals when there is no GPS available; you can change the frequency of this warning or turn it off in the GPS settings.

View instructions on how to use Stop Announcer (NSW)

Stop announcer instructional video