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Using travel alerts

Travel alerts allow you to check whether your travel will be affected by any current or planned disruptions.

You can choose to see alerts for just today, next 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, or show all current and upcoming alerts.

If there are no known alerts for a route during the time period you’ve selected, you will see ‘No current alerts’. Otherwise, any alerts will appear under each route.

Each alert includes the start and, if known, the end time of the disruption. If the incident has already started, it will show as ‘Ongoing - Until further notice’. If it’s in the future the start and end date(s) of the disruption will be displayed.

You can click through on each alert shown to view more details including any alternative services.

You can view alerts based on the mode of transport, which includes: metro/train, bus, ferry, light rail or NSW TrainLink.

You can select a 'Favourites view' which will display a selection of routes that you have chosen as favourites.

Adding favourite routes

Click or tap the ‘star’ icon on any route and these will then be added to as 'Favourites'. Once selected the star will display as a solid blue to indicate selection.

This allows you to create your own customised alert section with the particular routes or services you normally use.

These favourites will also be shown on the homepage under the 'Alerts tab'.

You can change the view to only see alerts for certain time periods, depending on whether you want to just see alerts just for today, the next 7, 14 or 30 days or for all available alerts.

Note: Your selection will be remembered when you return to this page at a later time. Homepage alerts always show alerts for ‘Today’ only.