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Using travel alerts

Travel alerts and trackwork allows you to check whether your travel will be affected by any current or planned disruptions.

You can choose to see alerts for just today, the coming weekend, or show all current and upcoming alerts.

If there are no known alerts for a route, during the time period you’ve selected, you will see ‘No alerts, normal service’. Otherwise, any alerts will appear under each route.

Each alert includes the start and, if known, the end time of the disruption. If the incident has already started, it will show as ‘ONGOING’. If it’s in the future, or is a trackwork message, the start and end date(s) of the disruption will be displayed.

You can click through on each alert shown to view more details including any alternative services.

You can change the view to only see alerts and trackwork for certain time periods, depending on whether you want to just see alerts for today, the coming weekend or all known alerts. If using a mobile device, these appear as a drop down.


  • Displays any known incidents that have already started or will begin before midnight on the day you check.

This weekend

  • Displays any alerts that will occur over the coming (or current) weekend - starting from midnight Friday until midnight Sunday


  • Displays all known alerts that are currently ongoing or planned to begin in future. Most planned alerts such as normal trackwork are typically available up to 2 weeks in advance of the disruption.

Note: Your selection will be remembered when you return to this page at a later time. Home page alerts always show alerts for ‘Today’ only.

You can view alerts based on the mode of transport, which includes: Metro/Train, Bus, Ferry, Light rail or Drive. You can also set up a Favourites view with only your preferred routes and modes.

If using a mobile device, these appear as a drop down.


Trains are grouped by network (Sydney Metro, Sydney Trains, Intercity Trains, Regional Trains and Coaches). You can expand or collapse a network, which will be remembered if you return to the page.

There are three types of metro/train alerts:

  • Service alerts – Any disruptions or delays to metro or train lines or stations
  • Trackwork – Planned track closures, where buses replace services or services run to a changed timetable or stopping pattern.
    You can also subscribe to trackwork alerts for your selected lines.
  • Lift outages – Lift and escalator outages. These are displayed with the wheelchair icon.

You can use the filters function to select which types of these alerts you want to see. Just select (check) the alerts you want to see. By default, all alerts are shown (nothing is checked). Your choice of filters will be remembered when you return and will also apply to any Favourites you have selected, and to the home page ‘Alerts’ tab.

The Sydney and Intercity Trains networks list all train lines. Regional Trains and Coaches lines/routes will only appear if there is an alert for that line/route, for the time period you’ve filtered on.


To show alerts for buses, you firstly need to search for your route(s). Enter a route number and select the relevant route to add the route ‘card’. These routes will be remembered on return and are 'shared' with Routes and timetables. That is, if you search for a bus route on either Travel alerts OR Routes and timetables, both pages will display that route card.

You can remove any displayed route card with the close icon.


Ferry routes are listed and grouped by network. You can expand or collapse each network and these will be remembered upon return.

Light rail

Light rail is available in Sydney and Newcastle and any alerts for either service are shown here.


The Drive tab displays the Live Traffic feed for traffic alerts and incidents across NSW. These are grouped by region: Sydney Inner, Sydney North, Sydney South, Sydney West, NSW North, NW South and NSW West.

There are six types of traffic alerts:

  • Incidents – accidents, blacked out traffic lights, changed traffic conditions, car breakdowns, etc
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Alpine conditions
  • Major events – planned sporting events or concerts, parades or festivals
  • Roadworks

You can use the filters to show or hide alerts by selecting any alert types you want to see or deselecting any you don't want to see.

These filters will be remembered when you return to this page and any selections will also apply to any Favourites you have selected, and to the home page ‘Alerts’ tab.


Click or tap the ‘star’ icon on any train, bus ferry or light rail ‘card’ or Live Traffic region under Drive and these will then be added to as Favourites. This allows you to create your own customised alert section with the particular routes or services you normally use, even across multiple modes, all in the one place. These favourites will also be shown on the home page under the Alerts tab.