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Child and family fares and bookings

Book a seat on NSW TrainLink Regional services

NSW TrainLink provides cheap fares all year round to make travelling with children more affordable.

These child and family fares apply to children aged 4 to 15 years old and eligible secondary school students when booking seats in both Economy and First class. Eligible NSW secondary school students aged 16 to 18 years inclusive must hold the ‘Senior Secondary Student Concession Card’. Victorian secondary school students aged 17 to 18 years inclusive must hold the ‘Victorian Public Transport Concession Card’ endorsed ‘S’.

Children aged three years and under travel free. Their seat must be booked and conditions apply.

Child $1 Fare

The $1 fare can be booked for up to four children when travelling with one or more adults who pay full fare.

Adults and children need to be from the same household. Seats for additional children are charged at the current Child fare.

This fare does not apply with any concessions, Discovery Passes, sleeping berths or group travel discounts.

See terms and conditions for Child $1 fares

Family Fare

The first two children are charged the current Child fare and any additional children travel free when travelling with one or more paying adults.

Adults and children need to be from the same household. Each seat must be booked.

This fare does not apply with Discovery Passes, sleeping berths or group travel discounts. However, it does apply with concession entitlements.

See terms and conditions for Family fares


To access these fares, seats need to be booked at the same time and family groups need to be taking the same trip.

However, if you are travelling with small children, to ensure you are all seated together, you should book over the phone on 13 22 32 (+61 2 4907 7501 if calling from overseas) or book through one of the NSW TrainLink sales agents. Find out more about ways to book your ticket.

If you book online, select the 'All passengers are from the same family/household' check box when completing the booking form. The booking system will calculate the total, based on the number of Adult and Child seats booked. It will give you the lowest overall fare.

Travelling with children

Read through the safety guidelines for using public transport when travelling with prams and young children.


Baby strollers, prams and capsules will need to be placed in the luggage compartment under the coach.


Baby strollers, prams and capsules are classed as hand luggage and can be brought on board the train.

There will be a fold down baby change table available. Onboard staff can show you where it is.

Sleeping berths

Each sleeper compartment is designed to accommodate two adults, one in each berth. However, if an infant occupies the same sleeping berth as their parent or guardian, the infant travels free.

The parent or guardian pays an Adult First Class fare plus the sleeping berth fee. This scenario is likely to occur when two parents travel with one or two infants and pay for two adult first class fares and sleeping berths in the one cabin.

An adult with an infant cannot share a sleeper compartment with a stranger. If the adult is travelling alone with the infant, they must book both berths in the cabin and pay the appropriate Child and Adult fare, plus berth charges.

Similarly, if an infant occupies a sleeping berth on their own, the other sleeping berth in the sleeper compartment must be occupied by a parent or guardian, and the appropriate Adult and Child fare must be paid plus berth charges.

Unaccompanied minors

In the interests of safety, children under the age of 12 cannot travel alone and must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 years or older.

Children aged 12-15 may travel alone and we advise that they make themselves known to staff before or soon after boarding. A contact number of the guardian/person meeting the child at the destination is required.

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