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Free travel for companions

If you have a NSW Companion Card, your attendant travels for free on public transport in NSW when accompanying you. You pay your normal fare, which will depend on your concession status.

The NSW Companion Card is valid on most public transport in NSW, including NSW TrainLink Regional services. It also provides free access to Sydney Airport train stations. However, free travel is not available on fast ferry services between Manly and Circular Quay, chartered bus services and Great Southern Rail services.

You must carry your NSW Companion Card as proof of entitlement or your attendant may be fined.

Only one attendant can travel with you for free at any one time. You cannot use other entitlement cards to gain free travel for more than one person.

Your attendant is responsible for looking after you when travelling and following transport staff directions relating to your safety.

Eligibility for a NSW Companion Card is determined by the Department of Family and Community Services, which manages the NSW Companion Card Program.

The NSW Companion Card is issued free of charge by the Department of Family and Community Services.

  • Download, print and complete the application form on the Companion Card website.
  • Send it to NSW Companion Card, PO Box 20637 World Square NSW 2002
  • Or call 1800 893 044 for assistance

For replacement cards, follow the same process. A replacement fee may apply.

Cardholders residing outside of NSW must apply in their home state or territory.

The card is valid for life.

Regional NSW

You need to book a seat on NSW TrainLink Regional train and coach services. When booking, make sure you provide details of your concession card (if you have one) as well as the number of your Companion Card. You also need to mention any requirements you may have, such as needing a wheelchair space.

Free travel does not apply when booking sleeping berths or travelling interstate on NSW TrainLink Regional services.


Your NSW Companion Card can be used in other states and territories that have a Companion Card scheme, such as Victoria and South Australia. However, free travel is not available on Great Southern Rail services.

    Find out more at the NSW Companion Card website or call the NSW Companion Card information line on 1800 893 044.

    You may also be eligible for the following concession cards with attendant entitlements. Your attendant (a sighted person four years and above) travels free with you when the pass is marked "Plus Attendant":