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NSW Blinded Soldier Pass

If you have a NSW Blinded Soldier Pass, you and your approved attendant are entitled to free travel on public transport in NSW.

Your attendant can travel with you for free if your pass or Opal card is marked "Plus Attendant".

You must carry your NSW Blinded Soldier Pass as proof of entitlement, or you may be fined.

Free travel is generally not available on private ferries, event shuttle buses, charter bus services or Great Southern Rail services.

Ticket options

In the Opal network, present your NSW Blinded Soldier Pass to transport staff for free travel.

To be able to open gates at train stations and ferry wharves without staff, you can apply for a free travel Opal card. It is optional and for convenience. It is not a requirement for free travel.

If you do not have your proof of entitlement card, you are required to pay for and travel with an Adult fare, or you may be fined for travelling on an invalid ticket. The free travel Opal card is optional.



How to get your free travel Opal card

  • If you already have a NSW Blinded Soldier Pass or need a replacement free travel Opal card, call 131 500.  A replacement fee may apply.
  • If you are applying for a new or replacement NSW Blinded Soldier Pass, you can apply for the free travel Opal card on the same form.

The free travel Opal card is valid for five years or until your entitlement ceases.

Sydney Airport train station access fee

With your NSW Blinded Soldier Pass, you and your approved attendant will not need to pay the Sydney Airport station access fee. Show your proof of entitlement to staff at the ticket gates.

If you have a NSW Blinded Soldier Pass, you are entitled to free travel on:

Other privately owned and operated services may offer concessions at their own discretion. Check with local transport operators before you travel.

NSW Blinded Soldier Pass

You are eligible to apply for a NSW Blinded Soldier Pass, if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are an Australian or NZ war veteran.
  • You are a permanent resident in NSW.
  • You are a war veteran classified by the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) as blinded due to war service.

For a new or replacement NSW Blinded Soldier Pass:

You can apply for the free travel Opal card on the same form.

The NSW Blinded Soldier Pass is issued free of charge and is valid for up to three years.

For replacement cards, you can also call 131 500. A replacement fee may apply.