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Onboard food and drink

Please note

We have made small amendments to our Buffet service in line with advice from NSW Health in response to COVID-19.
The changes include:

  • Not all refreshment items may be available as shown on the menu
  • We are currently unable to accept reusable cups
  • Water fountains are currently unavailable on Regional trains, please bring water or purchase from the buffet
  • Payment is preferred by credit card or EFTPOS where possible
  • Catering items may change due to availability.

Most NSW TrainLink Regional train services include a buffet car serving drinks, snacks and hot and cold meals.

Food and drink (with the exception of water) is not permitted on coach services. For coach trips of 4 or more hours, refreshment stops are included.

Straws will no longer be available on NSW TrainLink services from 19 March 2020. If you require one, please bring your own reusable straw.

There is a buffet car on most NSW TrainLink Regional train services that offer a range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free snacks and meals. We suggest placing an order for speciality items in the buffet car as soon as you board in order to avoid disappointment.

You can bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages on board train services only. We recommend guests who suffer from allergies (such as peanut allergies) bring their own snacks or meals as we are unable to guarantee that our meals are completely allergen free.

Perishable items including meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables are not permitted as checked luggage on any NSW TrainLink Regional service.

On board staff are available to serve food and drink to any customer who is unable to leave their seat.

You can pay with cash, debit cards and credit cards. EFTPOS mobile reception can be intermittent on selected routes, so to avoid disappointment it’s advisable to carry some cash for purchases.

Buffet menu

NSW TrainLink is proud to support a range of local suppliers to source the freshest produce for our on-board menu. Some of these suppliers include Early Rise Bakery, Dubbo, The Real Juice Company from Griffith and 4 Pines brewery from Manly, Sydney.

Some menu items may be replaced by similar products if not available. Prices are subject to change.

Item Price
Butter Croissant with jam and butter $4.00
Yoghurt - Greek Vanilla $4.00
Posh ham and cheese toastie $8.00
Bacon & Egg Turkish Roll $8.50
Item Price
Meat pie
Served with tomato or BBQ sauce
Gourmet pie of the month
Served with tomato or BBQ sauce
Sausage roll
Served with tomato or BBQ sauce
Vegetarian pastry (v)
Served with tomato or BBQ sauce
(see crew for today's option)
Assorted sandwiches and wraps
Vegetarian options available
Fresh fruit salad (v, gf)
Subject to availability

(v) vegetarian
(ve) vegan
(gf) gluten free

Item Price
Main meal
Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options available
Ask at the buffet or listen to crew announcements for today’s selection.
Note: Bread rolls are only served with a roast meal. Bread rolls are available at an additional cost for all other meals

(v) vegetarian
(ve) vegan
(gf) gluten free

Item Price
Devonshire tea $9.50
Bakery item and hot drink $6.00
Sausage roll or vegetable pasty with non-alcoholic drink $8.00
Non-alcoholic drink with chips or chocolate $6.50
Sandwich with a hot beverage $10.50
Sandwich with a non-alcoholic drink $10.50
Sandwich or wrap with non-alcoholic drink $10.50
Cheese and Crackers with a wine $12.00
Main meal and Ice Cream $12.50
Main meal with non-alcoholic drink $12.50
Beer with Primo Trio stackers $13.00
Wine and cashews $13.50
Wine with Primo Trio stackers $15.00
Main meals with wine $18.00
Item Price
Scone with jam and cream $6.50
Natural Confectionary Snakes $4.60
Cake varieties $4.00
Cheese and crackers $3.50
Chocolate bars $3.80
Potato chip varieties (gf) $3.50
Muffin $4.00
Gluten free muffin (gf) $4.00
Cookie $4.00
Ice cream (gf) $4.00
Kettle salted cashews $5.00
Primo trio stacks - Danish salami $6.50

(v) vegetarian
(ve) vegan
(gf) gluten free

Extra condiments are 50 cents

Item Price
Tea varieties $3.80
Coffee varieties $3.80
Hot chocolate $3.80
Item Price
Juice varieties $4.00
Soft drink varieties $3.50
Bottled water $3.00
Flavoured milk $3.70
Bottled sparkling water $4.00
Remedy Kombucha $5.00
Item Price
Mid strength beer $8.00
Red or white wine $9.50
Archie Rose gin and tonic mid strength $12.00

From the bar items are only available to persons over 18. NSW TrainLink serves alcohol responsibly and asks customers to take beverages back to their seat to enjoy. Two drink maximum per customer each hour and no BYO alcohol to be consumed. Alcohol is served from midday until 11pm only.

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