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Transport Park&Ride car parks

Park for free when you ride public transport

Transport Park&Ride is designed to free-up more spaces at commuter car parks for those who want to travel on public transport.

Transport Park&Ride provides up to 18 hours free parking each day. All you have to do is complete a public transport journey by tapping on and tapping off using an accepted Opal card or a contactless credit/debit card linked to Transport Connect.

Located close to public transport hubs, Park&Ride car parks help you connect more easily to bus, train and ferry services.

Real-time parking availability is now available, allowing you to see how many vacant car parking spaces are available at select Transport Park&Ride car parks.

Park&Ride Prebooked is also under trial at selected car parks, allowing you to prebook a parking spot by booking ahead of time before travelling on public transport.

How it works

Watch the video above to find out how to use Transport Park&Ride car parks.

To qualify for free Transport Park&Ride parking, you must:

  • Park your vehicle in the dedicated Park&Ride car park
  • Complete a trip on public transport by either tapping on and tapping off with the same
    1. Contactless credit/debit card linked to a Transport Connect account or
    2. Opal card
  • Exit the car park within 18 hours of entering

A) Using a contactless credit or debit card linked to Transport Connect on public transport

If using a contactless credit card or debit card on public transport, you will need to set up and link your vehicle and card details with a
Transport Connect account.

* Please ensure you have tapped on and tapped off a public transport trip with your credit or debit card before you link it to your Transport Connect account.

Once you are set up there's no need to tap out when you leave the car park and you will have all your parking activity available online.

More on how to use Park&Ride with Transport Connect

B) Using an Opal card on public transport

If using an Opal card on public transport. Simply tap out with the same card as you exit the car park.

  • Opal single trip tickets and School Opal cards are not accepted at Transport Park&Ride car parks.
  • Where your most recent Opal card transaction has been for travel on the Manly Ferry, your trip will not be recognised at Transport Park&Ride car parks and you will need to pay a parking fee. This does not apply to customers who have registered their Opal card when linking their Park&Ride details on Transport Connect.
  • When linking a contactless debit or credit card with a Transport Connect Account, you must have completed a public transport journey by tapping on and off with the same card within the last 180 days before registering to access free parking at a Transport Park&Ride car park.
  • Tap on reversals (where an Opal card is tapped on and tapped off at the same location within 30 minutes, and has not been used to complete a trip) cannot be used to validate free parking at Transport Park&Ride car parks.
  • Where you exit a Transport Park&Ride car park within 20 minutes of entering, you will not be required to validate car park access with an Opal card, or contactless credit or debit card, and no parking fee will apply.
  • If you want to use any Transport Park&Ride car park more than once and qualify for free parking, you must allow a minimum of two hours between tap outs at the exit. 
  • These conditions apply to all Transport Park&Ride car parks at all times.
  • Car park users will be charged a parking fee where Transport Park&Ride conditions are not met.
  • All car parks use number plate recognition technology to record time of entry and exit.
  • If you don't use Transport Connect to access Transport Park&Ride and you have a valid integrated event ticket, use the intercom at the exit gate and show your event ticket to the car park operator who can manually open the gate. If you use your Transport Connect account to access Park&Ride, the boom gate will automatically open as you leave the car park. However, you will need to raise a Help request in your Transport Connect account and provide details of the event ticket, otherwise you may be charged for parking.

Transport for NSW will be trialling Park&Ride Prebooked at selected car parks, allowing you to prebook a parking spot by booking ahead of time before travelling on public transport.

Real-time parking availability allows you to see how many vacant car parking spaces are available at select Transport Park&Ride car parks.

Address Parking hours Real-time parking availability Directions
Brown Street, Ashfield
24 hrs 7 days Yes

Trip Planner

612-624 Pittwater Road and
2-4 William Street, Brookvale
(opposite Westfield Warringah Mall)
24 hrs 7 days Yes Trip Planner

Dee Why
PCYC Building
40 Kingsway
Dee Why

5.30am to midnight Monday to Saturday
6.30am to midnight Sundays and Public Holidays
Yes Trip Planner


Edmondson Park
Corner of Henderson Road and MacDonald Road, Edmondson Park
24 hrs 7 days Yes Trip Planner
Henry St (North), Gordon
24 hrs 7 days Yes Trip Planner
Bong Bong St, Kiama
24 hrs 7 days Yes Trip Planner
2 Railway Street
24 hrs 7 days Yes Trip Planner
199A Rickard Road, Leppington
24 hrs 7 days Yes Trip Planner
Manly Vale
Corner of Kenneth Road and Condamine Street
24 hrs 7 days Yes Trip Planner
Mona Vale
Corner of Barrenjoey Road and Golf Avenue
24 hrs 7 days Yes Trip Planner
Pittwater Road, Narrabeen (adjacent to Berry Reserve)
24 hrs 7 days Yes Trip Planner
The River Road or Simmons St, Revesby
24 hrs 7 days Yes Trip Planner
Seven Hills
Terminus Road, Seven Hills
24 hrs 7 days Yes Trip Planner
East Parade, Sutherland
24 hrs 7 days Yes Trip Planner
Pittwater Road, Warriewood (adjacent to Rat Park)
24 hrs 7 days Yes Trip Planner
West Ryde
Ryedale Road, West Ryde
24 hrs 7 days Yes Trip Planner

Coming soon

Address Parking hours Real-time parking availability Directions
Showground Road, Gosford
24 hrs 7 days Yes Trip Planner
St Marys
Corner of Harris Street and Forrester Road, St Marys
24 hrs 7 days Yes Trip Planner

Free parking

Parking is free when you make a valid public transport journey with an accepted Opal card or your contactless credit or debit card, once you’ve linked your Park&Ride details on your Transport Connect account. Free parking is only valid for up to 18 hours. This also applies to integrated event ticket holders.

After 18 hours, parking rates will apply in 24 hour increments.

Parking rates

If you are not using public transport or you have exceeded the 18 hour free parking window, you will be charged:

Standard rates:

  • $30 weekday flat rate
  • $10 weekend and public holiday flat rate

Standard rates will apply from the time of entry in 24 hour increments.

Off-peak rates at Ashfield and Kogarah:

  • $10 flat rate weeknights. Enter and exit between 5pm and midnight
  • $5 rate for up to 3 hours on weekends and public holidays

West Ryde off-peak rate trial:

  • Free parking weeknights. Enter and exit between 5pm and midnight
  • Free parking weekends and public holidays. Enter and exit anytime Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

If you are using Transport Connect to access Park&Ride, any parking fees you incur will be automatically charged to the nominated credit or debit card in your Transport Connect account.

Checking your car parking transactions and charges

In your Transport Connect account, select the ‘Activity’ tab to check your car parking history, transactions and parking charges.

For privacy reasons the locations of Park&Ride car parks accessed are not included in the listing of car parking transactions, history and parking charges for all Transport Connect accounts (including both primary and secondary account holders).


If you are using an Opal card not linked to Transport Connect to access Park&Ride, you should contact the operator on 1300 117 901 or use the refund form.

If you are using a tap on method linked to Transport Connect, you can request a review of a parking charge in your Transport Connect account. Simply select the transaction from your ‘Activity’ list, add the additional details required and your refund request will be lodged for review.

Please note that in rare cases, Opal travel activity may take up to 48 hours to be registered on the Park&Ride system. Please allow at least 48 hours from the time you exit the car park before submitting a request for a refund.

If your review request is approved, the amount will be refunded to the payment card associated with your Transport Connect at the time the card was charged for the disputed transaction.

If a refund is approved for a payment charged at the car park exit gate, you will be required to complete an additional form with the car park operator and they will be in contact with you about next steps.

Card issuer fees will not be refunded. You will need to contact your financial institution regarding the refund of any card fees.

Please allow approximately 20 business days for your application to be processed.

Transport for NSW Park&Ride Car Park Terms and Conditions of Entry

By entering this Park&Ride Car Park, you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

If you do not accept these conditions you should immediately leave the Car Park. If you exit this Car Park within 20 minutes of entry you will not be charged parking fees.

  1. You enter and use the Car Park at your own risk and solely for the purposes of parking your vehicle.
  2. TfNSW reserves the right to refuse entry to this Car Park to any vehicle or person.
  3. Vehicle entry is limited to cars, motorcycles and bicycles without any attached trailers or other wheeled vehicles.
  4. Access to this Car Park is only during the permitted hours (if displayed).
  5. Access to this Car Park and the charging of any fees will differ based on whether you are a Registered Customer or an Unregistered Customer.

Terms for Registered Customers only

  1. If you have created an account on ("Account") and registered for Park&Ride ("Registered Customer"), you may enter and exit the Car Park using the number-plate recognition system and the following terms apply:
  2. When creating your Account, you must provide and link your vehicle number-plate details, your Opal card number or contactless payment method for travel ("Approved Payment Device") as well as your credit or debit card details for any fees payable for Park&Ride services.
  3. When you approach the boom gate, the number-plate recognition system will scan your vehicle number-plate to determine if it is linked to a Registered Customer. If the system confirms a match for a Registered Customer, your number-plate will be recorded and the boom gate will automatically open.
  4. To be eligible for 18 hours free commuter parking, you must travel on an Eligible Transport Service using a registered Opal card or Approved Payment Device linked to your account ("Linked Payment").
  5. When exiting the Car Park, the number-plate recognition system will scan your vehicle number-plate to validate against an entry record. If the number-plate is matched to an entry record, the boom gate will open automatically.
  6. If you have used a Linked Payment on an Eligible Transport Service between the time of entering and exiting the Car Park, you will be entitled to 18 hours free parking.
  7. If you do not use a Linked Payment in accordance with clause 9, or have exceeded 18 hours parking, you will be charged in accordance with the Car Park rates displayed upon entry, regardless of whether you travelled on an Eligible Transport Service. You authorise Transport for NSW to charge your credit card linked to your Account in accordance with this clause 12.

Terms for Unregistered Customers only

  1. If you are not a Registered Customer, the following clauses apply:
  2. You must pay the parking fee in accordance with the Car Park rates displayed in this Car Park. We may prevent exit of your vehicle from this Car Park until the required parking fee is paid.
  3. If you present a Valid Opal Card when exiting this Car Park, the first 18 hours of parking are free, otherwise the Car Park Rates will apply as if you entered this Car Park at the expiry of the first 18 hours after entry.
  4. A Valid Opal Card is an Adult, Child/Youth, Senior/Pensioner, Concession, Employee or Free Travel Opal card that has been used for Travel following entry into this Car Park. For the purposes of this clause 16, Travel means a trip on a public passenger service or train between two separate locations using a Valid Opal Card. The Travel must be the recent transaction recorded on the Opal card. For clarity, a 'Tap On Reversal' on your Opal card as the last transaction is not valid for free parking.
  5. Single trip tickets and School Cards are not Valid Opal Cards.
  6. A Valid Opal Card is valid for a single exit only. For clarity, the same Opal card cannot be used for free parking more than once in a two hour period.
  7. Customers travelling on the Manly Ferry as their last transaction on the Opal card will not qualify for free parking.
  8. Parking fees must be paid at the exit to this Car Park using credit or debit card. Cash payments will not be accepted.

Terms applicable to users of this Car Park

  1. The Car Park Rates are calculated from the time you enter this Car Park. The applicable Car Park Rate on entry, will apply for the first 24 hours - even if that period extends from one day to the next.
  2. Additional fees and charges apply if you park in reserved "Prebooked" areas of this Car Park. You are responsible for and must pay all parking rates, fees and charges incurred in relation to your vehicle on demand.
  3. By entering this Car Park you consent to us:
    1. collecting your number-plate information and, if you present an Opal card to the reader when exiting this Car Park, the Opal card number; and
    2. using that information to manage this Car Park, including for the purpose of calculating parking fees and for customer monitoring and planning purposes.
    This information will be treated in accordance with TfNSW's privacy and information policies at
  4. You agree:
    1. to drive your vehicle carefully and responsibly, obeying all indicated speed limits and other signs and otherwise comply with all relevant road rules;
    2. to park wholly within designated parking spaces identified for vehicles;
    3. not to obstruct any other vehicles, individuals, thoroughfares, entrances or exits in this Car Park; and
    4. to use this Car Park solely in accordance with all signs and reasonable directions and or requests given by or on behalf of TfNSW.
  5. We reserve the right to enter, move or tow any vehicle to any location inside or outside of the Car Park if it has contravened any applicable law, these Terms and Conditions or for operational, safety or security reasons. Where we take any steps because of a breach of these Terms and Conditions or any applicable law, you will be liable to TfNSW for any costs we incur in doing so.
  6. To the maximum extent allowable by law, we are not liable for:
    1. injury or death to any individuals or pets in this Car Park;
    2. any damage to, destruction of or theft of your vehicle or any of your property in this Car Park however caused; and
    3. any financial or consequential loss to you arising out of your use of this Car Park.
  7. You agree to release and indemnify TfNSW in respect of any claim made against us as a consequence of, in relation to, or in any way arising out of your use of this Car Park.
  8. If any of these Terms and Conditions are found to be unenforceable the offending part is severed without effect on the remaining conditions.
  9. Financial and other penalties may apply to you if you do not comply with these Terms and Conditions or other information published by TfNSW in this Car Park or elsewhere.
  10. The laws of New South Wales apply to these Terms and Conditions where applicable.
  11. In these Terms and Conditions references to TfNSW, 'we', 'us', and 'our' may mean part of or all of Transport for NSW ABN 18 804 239 602 in its capacity as operator of the Car Park and its operating agencies, its agents and contractors. 'You' refers to and includes each person who enters the Car Park and any owner of any vehicle that enters the Car Park.

Your Privacy

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) is committed to protecting our customers’ personal information in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW).

We collect certain information when drivers enter and exit Transport Park&Ride car parks so that we can determine if commuters are eligible for free parking. Upon entry to the car park, technology located within the access control system collects the vehicle’s number plate and records it with a time and date stamp. When exiting, the Opal card machine reads the Opal card number and matches this with the last valid tap off made with that Opal card on any public transport mode to check if a valid journey has occurred within 18 hours since the vehicle entered the car park.

We will only use the above information for this purpose or a directly related purpose. The Opal sequence number is retained only for as long as required to validate eligibility for free parking or to settle refunds. Hashed Opal card numbers and de-identified journey data may be stored by TfNSW and used for internal planning and research purposes.

Anonymised postcode information is also collected from Roads and Maritime Services for the purpose of assessing customer demand for future planning purposes.

Entry to a Transport Park&Ride commuter car park is conditional on the collection of this information.

Your information will be securely managed by, or on behalf of, TfNSW from its head office at 231 Elizabeth Street Sydney, 2000. You can ask to access or amend your personal information held by us at any time during business hours.

We will not disclose your personal information unless you consent, or we are permitted or required to by law.

For further information about how TfNSW manages your privacy, see the Opal Privacy Policy and TfNSW’s Privacy Management Plan, or contact us at privacy@transport.nsw