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Using Transport Park&Ride with a Transport Connect account

Transport Connect account login

Transport Park&Ride is designed to free-up more spaces at commuter car parks for those who want to travel on public transport. Located close to public transport hubs, Park&Ride makes it easier to park nearby and continue your journey on a train, bus or ferry.

Using either an accepted Opal card or via your Transport Connect account, Park&Ride allows you to access up to 18 hours free parking each day when you complete a public transport trip.

By linking your Park&Ride with Transport Connect, there's no need to tap out when you leave the car park and all your parking history is available online.

Register for a Transport Connect account and link Park&Ride

  1. If you’re using your credit/debit card for the first time to travel, you’ll need to complete a trip on public transport with the physical card to validate it.
  2. Once your card has been validated, register for a Transport Connect account at
    1. Select 'Services' from the menu.
    2. Select 'Park&Ride' and follow the prompts. You must complete this step before entering the car park.
  3. Enter the car park and enjoy free parking.

To link your Park&Ride details, you'll need the following information:

  • Your vehicle's number plate
  • The card you'll use to tap on and tap off when you catch public transport. This can be your credit/debit card or Opal card
  • A payment card, which will be charged if you incur any parking fees

Once you're setup, there's no need to tap out when you leave the car park and you'll have all your parking history available online.

Checking your car parking transactions and charges

You can check your car parking transactions and charges if you have a linked Transport Connect account. Select the ‘Activity’ tab in your Transport Connect account to check your car parking history, transactions and parking charges.

For privacy reasons, the location details of any of Park&Ride car parks accessed are not included in the listing of car parking transactions in your linked Transport Connect account. 


  • If you are using an Opal card not linked to a Transport Connect account, complete the refund form or contact the operator on 1300 117 901 if you need support.

    If you are using a credit/debit card or Opal card linked to a Transport Connect account, you can request a review of a parking charge in your account. Simply select the transaction from your ‘Activity’ list, add the additional details required and your refund request will be lodged for review.
  • Please note that in rare cases, Opal travel activity may take up to 48 hours to be registered on the Park&Ride system. Please allow at least 48 hours from the time you exit the car park before submitting a request for a refund.

    If your review request is approved, the amount will be refunded to the payment card associated with your Transport Connect account at the time the card was charged for the disputed transaction.

    If a refund is approved for a payment charged at the car park exit gate, you will be required to complete an additional form with the car park operator and they will be in contact with you about next steps.

Card issuer fees will not be refunded. You will need to contact your financial institution regarding the refund of any card fees.

Please allow approximately 20 business days for your application to be processed.

The first account you link your vehicle to is your primary account. If you link your vehicle to other additional accounts after that, they will be secondary accounts.

Shared vehicles

If you share a vehicle, the person you are sharing the vehicle with will need to have their own Transport Connect account and link Park&Ride.

A notification will be sent to you, as the vehicle’s primary account holder. If you believe someone has linked their account to your vehicle by mistake, please submit a help request through the ‘Help’ tab in Transport Connect.

For example, if you and your spouse share a car, make sure you both link the number plate to your individual Transport Connect accounts along with your credit or debit cards and/or Opal cards you use to travel on public transport. This will ensure the system links your public transport trip to your car when exiting the car park.

Multiple vehicles on one account

A maximum of four vehicles can be linked to one Transport Connect account.

A vehicle can have up to three secondary accounts in Transport Connect, in addition to the primary account.

Linking a shared vehicle

In your Transport Connect account, select the ‘Park&Ride’ service and then follow the prompts to add the vehicle’s number plate.

The primary account holder (i.e. the first account that the vehicle was linked to) will receive a notification that another customer (whose first name will be provided) is adding the vehicle to a secondary account.

If you believe you are the primary account holder of a vehicle but someone else has already linked the vehicle to their Transport Connect account, please submit a help request through the ‘Help’ tab in Transport Connect.

Temporary vehicles

If you are using a temporary vehicle such as a hire car or courtesy car, you can link the vehicle’s number plate to your Transport Connect account before you park provided it is not already linked to the maximum limit of Transport Connect accounts. Remember to remove the number plate from your Transport Connect account when you have returned the vehicle.

If you do not qualify for free parking, you can pay with a credit card or debit card at the Park&Ride exit gate. You cannot pay with cash or an Opal card.

If you are using Transport Connect to access Park&Ride, any parking fees will be charged to the nominated credit or debit card in your Transport Connect account.