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Lost property

If you have lost something, you need to contact the operator of the service on which you travelled.

For lost property that you need urgently (such as essential medical equipment), phone 131 500.

Operator contacts

Location item lost Lost property contacts

Sydney Trains platform or train
NSW TrainLink Intercity trains
NSW TrainLink Regional trains and coaches

If you leave something at a Sydney Trains station or platform, or on a NSW TrainLink train or coach, it will be sent to the Lost Property Office.


Lost Property Office
Central Station
484 Pitt Street Sydney
Phone: (02) 9379 3341

8am–5pm, Monday to Friday

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Items left at NSW TrainLink station platforms or sales agents

If you leave something at a NSW TrainLink station or sales agent, it will be held there for seven days, and if it not claimed will be sent to the Lost Property Office.

After seven days contact the Lost Property Office (see above).

Green Square, Mascot, Domestic and International stations

For property lost at Green Square, Mascot, Airport Domestic and Airport International train stations only.
8am–3pm, Monday to Friday

Airport Link website

If you leave something on the bus, you'll need to contact your bus operator. Use the search to locate the operator's depot contact details and opening hours.

Sydney Olympic Park major event bus services

If you took a major event bus to or from Sydney Olympic Park contact the relevant depot or office for the bus route.

Route Contact Phone number Hours Email address/online
1A Sydney Buses – Brookvale (02) 9941 5821 8am–4pm n/a
1B Forest Coach Lines (02) 9450 2277 9am–5pm
2, 6 Transdev (02) 8700 0555 8am–5pm n/a
5A, 5B, 8 Hillsbus (02) 9890 0000 7:30am–5:00pm

Online form

4 Sydney Buses (02) 9298 6625 8am–4pm
7 Punchbowl Bus Co (02) 8522 5000 9am–5pm

Online form

Not sure of your route? Visit Sydney Olympic Park major event bus routes maps.

For property lost at Sydney Olympic Park bus stands contact security on (02) 9714 7700.

Sydney Ferries

Lost Property office at Circular Quay Wharf 3

Phone: (02) 8113 3002, Monday–Friday, 8am–4pm
For urgent after-hours lost property call (02) 8113 3000


Newcastle Transport

Property found on the Stockton ferry is kept at Hamilton bus depot, which is located at 89 Denison Street, Hamilton NSW 2303.

Phone: (02) 4974 1600, Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm

Private ferry operators

Use the transport operators search to locate private ferry operators.

Transdev Sydney (Sydney Light Rail Operator)

Phone: (02) 8584 5288
Monday-Friday: 9am–5pm (excluding public holidays)

Property left on NSW TrainLink coaches is sent to the Lost Property Office in Sydney.

Lost Property Office
Central Station
484 Pitt Street Sydney
Phone: (02) 9379 3341

8am–5pm, Monday to Friday

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If you have lost your Opal card and it is registered, report it lost or stolen as soon as possible to protect your Opal card balance.

If you find an Opal card, please return it by post to:

Opal Card Returns
Locked Bag 5026
Alexandria NSW 2015

Where and when did you leave it

Not sure which route you were travelling on when you lost your property?

Try one of the following:

  • check the details of your ticket or your Opal account for route number, station or wharf information
  • use the Trip Planner to search for a similar trip to the one you took
  • phone 131 500 for assistance.

Your property will be more easily identified if you can describe it in detail. What brand, model, or colour was it? What’s its serial number, what was in it, how big was it, does it have any distinguishing features?