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Opal Connect services

Opal Connect provides you with a convenient way to pay for On Demand travel and earn travel credits. Learn more.

To start earning travel credits:

  1. Create an Opal Connect account
  2. Download the relevant On Demand app for your service

All services listed on this page are eligible for travel credits during the trial, follow the instructions below on how to use Opal Connect with each service.

For these services you will need to sign in to the On Demand app with your Opal Connect username and password. Once you have done this Opal Connect will be automatically set as your payment method.

For this service you will need to make your booking in the On Demand app, choose Opal Connect as your preferred payment method, then enter your Opal Connect username and password

On Demand ferry

On Demand ferry services operate in the Bays Precinct

Download the On Demand app: