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Protect your personal information

Ensure your personal information and data is protected with these tips.

Opal Travel is the only official Opal app. With Opal Travel, you can top up your Opal cards from wherever you are.

When topping up through the Opal app, allow up to one hour for your card balance to update.

You can also plan a trip to and from anywhere in NSW and estimate your Opal fare for many services. Opal Travel can alert you when you are approaching your stop, and send notifications to notify you of disruptions that may affect your trip.

The Opal Travel app should only ever be downloaded directly from the Google Play or Apple stores. Transport for NSW will never email you a link or ask you to download new versions. Customers, who download non-TfNSW approved mobile apps, do so at their own risk.

Learn more and download the Opal Travel app.

It is important that you secure your own personal information. The Opal Terms of Use (pdf 616KB) require that you keep your usernames, passwords, personal identification numbers, payment details and answers to security questions confidential.

Transport for NSW may send you reminders or news by email or SMS, however we will never call you or send you a letter, email or SMS asking you to  provide or update details without being logged in securely to your Opal account to do so.

Don't click on links in emails to access your online accounts. Always type the address in the browser bar, or click on the link in your favourites folder.

You should report any suspicious emails claiming to have a connection with Transport for NSW or Opal by lodging feedback to Opal Customer Care.

You should not use or allow third party websites to login to or access your personal Opal account. The only approved websites for viewing Opal service information and accessing your Opal accounts are and

Save the URLs in your favourites folder to ensure that you are always going to the endorsed and approved websites.

TfNSW is not responsible for any loss suffered as a result of your disclosure of any information contained in your Opal customer profile to another person, email or SMS campaign, application (including mobile application) or system.