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Travel notifications in Opal Travel app

About the notifications

Travel notifications help you travel safely, by proactively informing you in real-time about passenger capacity on your regular service. This feature is available for metro, train, bus and ferry services.

How the notifications work

The notifications tell you the expected status of passenger capacity on your usual metro, train, bus, ferry and light rail services – all without the need to plan a trip. During your travel window, we will also keep you updated of any major delays or events that may impact your journey.

You can use existing entry points within Opal Travel app to set up travel notifications.

From Home screen

  • Select “More” on home screen on bottom right corner 
  • Select 'Set up travel notifications'  
  • Select “Add”
  • Choose a trip for notifications, either by using you recent Opal card activity or starting a new trip search
  • Select the various options such as which days and what times you want to be notified, then click 'Add'
  • Your notification is now set up, click 'Done' to complete

Once you have successfully set up travel notifications, you will receive a notification 30 minutes before each specified departure time.

You can configure this time window.

The notification will provide you with predictive occupancy information for your regular train or Metro service (such as predicted capacity on board).

If you have an Opal card, you can register and link a new Opal card via the Opal Travel app.

Sign in to Opal Travel and click on 'Add an Opal card’ or ‘Register' on Home screen. Follow the prompts to enter your card details to register.