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Luxuriate in the mineral-rich waters of Moree's natural spas which will rejuvenate the body and relax the mind. Moree is recognised nationally as Australia’s Artesian Spa Capital. Pamper yourself further with a massage in one of the luxurious salons, day spas, and alternate therapy centres.

A town rich in culture, heritage and agriculture, Moree has an exquisite Art Deco theme throughout the township that provides a spectacular old-world ambience. Enjoy a self-guided heritage walk and stroll through the many beautiful parks.

Moree is situated on the North West Plains of New South Wales, approximately 616 kilometres from Sydney.

The Moree XPLORER runs daily from Sydney to Moree.

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Exploring Moree is easy with a local bus service, a taxi service, car hire companies, coach tour operators and mini bus tours.

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Revive and revitalise at the Moree Hot Artesian Pool Complex (Spa Baths), Moree's major visitor attraction. Some of the reputed benefits of taking the waters include rejuvenated skin, detoxification of the body's lymphatic system, relaxed muscles, eased joint and arthritic pain, stress relief and better sleep. Spend time in Moree and return home with an extra bounce in your step.

Browse through the Moree Plains Gallery which hosts both travelling exhibitions and permanent collections, featuring works by contemporary Australian artists, especially Moree's indigenous Kamilaroi artists.

Visit the Stahmann Pecan Nut Farm, Australia's largest pecan farm which has an astonishing 75,000 mature pecan trees and produces approximately 95% of Australia's annual pecan crop. While leading the global industry with record-breaking quality and yield rates, Stahmann Farms operate using insecticide-free, environmentally sensitive practices.

Stroll around some of the most beautiful parks and gardens in country New South Wales. See century-old fig trees as well as bird and wildlife at Mary Brand Park; the heritage-listed band rotunda and a distinctive ‘rocket' at Kirkby Park; and in season, visit the many spectacular gardens in the Open Garden Scheme.

Follow an easy walking route, such the Barry Roberts Memorial Walk and Moree's Heritage Trail to view Moree's exquisite Art Deco architecture and heritage listed sights.

For golfing enthusiasts, enjoy a round or two at the challenging 18 hole, championship golf course at the Moree Golf Club. Bisected by the Mehi River, the golf course offers a tranquil experience whether you are playing golf or sipping a cool drink on the clubhouse balcony.

Catch a golden perch or silver bream in one of the two major waterways close to the Moree town. Get tips on the perfect spot to throw in a line at one of the many fishing shops.

With an extensive range of multi-cultural cafes and restaurants, you'll never go hungry in Moree. Choose between delectable combinations of modern Australian cuisine with traditional Thai, Chinese, Italian and Indian dishes.

Shop til you drop in boutique stores, department stores, and retail outlets that offer a splendid assortment of clothing, shoes, jewellery, home wares and art.

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