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Sydney Metro coming mid 2019

From mid 2019 new Sydney Metro services will start running in Sydney’s North West. The Sydney Metro North West Line will have 8 newly built metro stations and 5 upgraded stations that will run from Rouse Hill to Chatswood via Macquarie Park.

Upgrading to the Metro system will provide faster journey times, with a trip from Rouse Hill Station to Chatswood Station taking around 35 minutes.

There will be up to 15 metro services an hour during peak time in each direction on this line.

Sydney Metro is part of the Opal network and you will be able to pay your fare with an Opal card or through contactless payments.

Fares will be the same as existing train fares and all Opal card benefits apply. Read more about fares and transfers.

On board

Fully automated
The Sydney Metro is Australia’s first fully automated driverless passenger railway system. The system will be operated and constantly monitored from an operations control centre.

Mobile connectivity
Throughout your Metro journey your mobile coverage won’t drop out, allowing you to make phone calls or catch a TV show while travelling.

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Renewable energy
Sydney Metro is 100% offset by renewable energy generated via solar technology. Energy will be generated by a solar system installed above Metro facilities at Rouse Hill.

Recycled water
At least 80% of the water used to wash the Metro fleet will be recycled water.

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Getting to a Metro station

There’ll be over 4,000 car parking spaces along the Sydney Metro North West Line.

588 bike storage spaces will be at Metro stations or you will be able to bring your bike on board.

Kiss and Ride
Across the North West Line, there’ll be 138 Kiss and Ride spaces for drop off or pick up at stations.

80 conveniently located Taxi stands will ensure a seamless transition on or off the Metro.

Bus services will provide access to Metro stations, including existing services to major locations such as Rouse Hill and Castle Hill. Further details will be provided closer to the time of opening.

Safety at stations and onboard

Platform screen doors
Platform screen doors will create a barrier to keep people and objects like prams away from the tracks.

Help points and surveillance
If you need help you can connect directly to control centre staff via video help points at every station or emergency audio help points on board. A Customer Journey Co-ordinator will be present at each station at all times.

The whole Metro system will be constantly monitored by CCTV cameras and you will be able to see from one end of the train to the other as there are no doors dividing the carriages.

Read more about safety when travelling by Metro.


Sydney Metro is Australia’s first fully accessible railway.

Limited mobility
There will be level access between platforms and trains, wider Opal gates, accessible toilets, multiple elevators to platforms at stations, kerb ramps and accessible kiss and ride drop-off /pick-up points.

Vision impaired
There will be tactile flooring, braille on help points and audio service announcements.

Read more about planning an accessible trip.

Further information about Metro

In 2024 Sydney Metro will be extended from the North West, under Sydney Harbour, through to new CBD stations and beyond to Sydenham and Bankstown.

Find out more about Sydney Metro.

More information about travelling on Metro

Use Opal ticketing to pay for fares on Sydney Metro services. When it comes to Opal ticketing, Sydney Metro is the same as Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink Intercity with distance-based fares. All Opal card benefits apply.

Journeys that include Sydney Metro, Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink Intercity will be considered a continuous journey.

You can change from Sydney Trains or NSW TrainLink to Sydney Metro without the need to leave the ‘paid’ area. That means if you change between the services you will only pay one fare based on the distance travelled.

If you are transferring between Sydney Metro and Opal buses, light rail or Sydney Ferries, you will receive the Opal Transfer Discount. This works the same way as the Transfer Discount currently available on Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink.

You can pay your fare with an Opal card, Opal single trip ticket or contactless payment.

Free travel pass holders

Your free travel Opal card will be able to open the Opal gates. Alternatively, the Opal gates can be opened by Station Staff or the Operations Control Centre when you show your free travel pass. The Operations Control Centre can be contacted at the station by one of the video help points.

The Sydney Metro is operated and controlled from a central control centre where specially trained staff constantly monitor the system by CCTV cameras.

On average 100 CCTV cameras at stations and 38 CCTV cameras on each train allow the control centre to monitor the Metro system constantly.

If you need general or emergency assistance, each Metro station will have up to 12 video help points and 30 audio help points on board connecting you to central control centre staff.

If you need assistance you can approach a Customer Journey Co-ordinator or use the video help point at a Metro Station.

If you are interchanging to Sydney Trains at Epping or Chatswood make yourself known to the Metro staff when you arrive at your station or use the video help point to notify the operations control staff. They’ll phone ahead to ensure that Sydney Trains staff can help you on your arrival. On arrival at the interchange station, please approach Sydney Metro or Sydney Trains staff for assistance.

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