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Check Opal card balance and view activity statements

Whether you have a registered or unregistered Opal card, you can view your Opal card balance, activity and your weekly journey count.

View balance and activity

How to check your balance and activity statement

If you've registered your Opal card, you can view your card activity including how many journeys you've completed for the week, view your balance and profile and any notifications you have set.

Log in to your account to see the balance and activity for each of your linked cards. If your Opal card is registered you can see up to 18 months of Opal card activity.

If you login to your Opal account via Opal website or Opal Travel app you can also:

Registering your Opal card protects your balance in case of loss or damage as you can transfer the balance from a registered Opal card to any other Opal card that's linked to your account.

If you have not registered your Opal card, you can still check the card's balance and activity and see how many journeys you've completed for the week.

Use your Opal card number to view card details.

If your Opal card is unregistered, you can only see the last ten Opal card activities.

An Opal card reader shows your card balance when you tap on or off. You can also check your balance at a top up machine or an Opal retailer.

It may take up to 48 hours to for all activities and balance information to appear in your account on the website, however all values shown on the Opal card reader will be accurate at the time of reading.

Your Opal activity is a record of the transactions made with your Opal card. It shows your trips, journeys, top ups and adjustments, so you can keep track of your spend, check you paid the correct fare and use the statement for tracking business travel for tax purposes.

It can take up to 48 hours to show all activities and balance on the website activity statement. 

If you haven't tapped on or off, the origin or destination will be 'Unknown' and you will be charged the maximum 'default' fare. This is recorded as an incomplete journey, which means it doesn't count towards your weekly travel reward.

See how Opal fares are calculated.