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Registered and unregistered Opal cards

Not all Opal cards need to be registered to travel, however there are benefits when you do.

You can register Opal cards at any time online or through the Opal Travel app.

Unregistered Adult and Child/Youth Opal cards are available at Opal retailers. You can add value and travel on public transport without registering these cards. To protect the balance and top up online, you can register these Opal cards at any time.

Concession, Gold Senior/Pensioner and free travel Opal cards need to be applied for based on eligibility and concession entitlements. Each card is registered. It can only be used by the person entitled to the card.

Registered cards

A registered Opal card has your personal information linked to the card. This means you can:

  • protect the card balance and block your lost or stolen Opal card by transferring the balance to another Opal card
  • set up auto top up so you are always ready to go
  • view your activity statement to keep track of your journeys and balance
  • download your activity statement to share with a third party, like your employer or accountant
  • get updates by SMS or email about your account
  • link your Opal cards.

Adult and Child/Youth Opal cards that are ordered online are automatically registered under your name.

Unregistered Adult and Child/Youth Opal cards

An unregistered Opal card does not have any personal information associated with it. You cannot protect your balance, block the use of your card if you lose it or get a refund on remaining value.

With an unregistered Opal card, you can: