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Unregistered Opal cards

Check balance and activity


If you haven't registered your Opal card, you can still check your balance and recent activity.

You'll need to enter the 16 digit number and 4 digit security code on the back of your Opal card.

With an unregistered card you can only see the last ten activities for that card, including trips, top-ups and reversals.

If your card is registered then you will be able to see up to 18 months of activity. If you already have an Opal account, you can link a new card by logging into your account or via the Opal Travel app. Otherwise, you can create a new Opal account.

Benefits of registering your Opal card

  • Protect your balance - You can block your card if it becomes lost or stolen, so no one else can use your funds.
  • Transfer the balance to another Opal card - If your Opal card becomes lost, damaged or stolen, you can transfer the balance to another Opal card.
  • Set up auto top up - Registered cards can be set to automatically top up when your balance becomes low, so you don't need to remember to top up manually.
  • View and download your activity statement - See up to 18 months of Opal card activity to help you keep track of how much you spend. You can also download your activity statement to share with a third party, like your employer or accountant.
  • Set SMS or email alerts - Choose to have notifications sent via SMS or email if your balance gets low or when an auto-top-up has been applied.
  • Link multiple Opal cards - Multiple Opal cards can be linked to one account to keep track of them all in one place so you can view and manage all the Opal cards for your family or household.