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Opal digital troubleshooting

  • You may have already added your Opal digital card to another device.
  • Your payment source may not be complying with your device’s ‘pay’ rules and regulations.
    Check with your device manufacturer.
  • Your device may have been previously ‘banned’ by a previous owner. Check with your device manufacturer.
  • There may be a debt that needs to be repaid in the Opal digital card account before a new Opal digital card can be added.

Log in with your username and password to your Opal Connect account and "Request help" to remove your Opal digital card.

Your device manufacturer can help you to locate and lock your device.



Your Opal digital card will be suspended if your pre-paid account balance goes below the minimum balanced required to travel, i.e. $6.12. This means you won’t be able to travel using your Opal digital card.

This may happen if:

  • Your auto top up has not been correctly set up, or
  • the payment card has insufficient funds, or has been reported lost or stolen, or
  • your payment card has expired.

After this happens you will be alerted by the Opal digital trial app and prompted to rectify your account. The Opal digital card will be declined by Opal readers until your Opal digital card account balance is topped up to an amount more than $6.12.

Your Opal digital card may have been suspended.

If your Opal digital card has not been suspended and the card or device is still not recognised, the Opal reader will display ‘Card not valid’ with one of the following error messages:

- 88: The card has been blocked for 12 months due to multiple fare compliance check failures

- Try again – use one card only: The reader has detected more than one Contactless payment card or Opal card. Please separate your cards before you tap on and tap off to avoid card clash.

You can still use an Opal card, contactless payment card or Opal single trip ticket to travel.

Express Transit is an Apple Pay feature where the device's dedicated transit card is automatically selected by the contactless reader without the need for customers to select the card. Unfortunately Express Transit is not available yet for the Opal digital card.

The Opal Digital Card is issued on behalf of Transport for New South Wales by EML Payment Solutions Limited ABN 30 131 436 532 and will be provisioned into a Mobile Wallet on a Mobile Device. The Opal Digital Card is managed by Mastercard Prepaid Management Services Australia Pty Ltd ABN 47 145 452 044. Please read the full terms and conditions for the Opal Digital Card available at Cardholders will also be required to accept the relevant terms and conditions relating to Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, available at