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Child and youth

Children aged 3 years and under travel free on public transport in NSW.

Children aged 4 - 15 years are entitled to concession fares.

Eligible secondary students aged 16 years and older also pay concession fares with their proof of entitlement card.

Primary and secondary students in NSW may also be entitled to free or subsidised travel to and from school.

Ticket options

In the Opal network, children aged 4-15 years and eligible secondary students can travel with a Child/Youth Opal card.

If you do not have an Opal card, you can purchase Child/Youth Opal single tickets.

If you are a secondary students aged 16 years and over, you must have your NSW Senior Secondary Student Concession Card with you as proof of entitlement, otherwise you will need to pay for and travel with an Adult fare. If not, you may be fined for travelling on an invalid ticket.

How to get your Child/Youth Opal card

  • Over the counter from retailers. Present your Proof of Age Concession if required.
  • Order on the Opal website or over the phone 13 67 25 (13 OPAL).
  • For a replacement Child/Youth Opal card over the counter from more than 2,100 retailers, or call 13 67 25 (13 OPAL).

Using an Opal card provides you with a range of travel benefits.

Find out more about Opal terms of use.

Airport train station access fee

The Concession Sydney Airport station access fee applies to:

  • children aged 4–15 years
  • eligible secondary students with a NSW/ACT Senior Secondary Student Concession Card.

Regional trains and coaches

Children aged 4-15 years and secondary school students with a NSW or Victorian school pupil identification card are entitled to discounted fares on Regional trains and coaches. Find out more about child and family fares.

Local services in rural and regional NSW

Privately owned and operated services in rural and regional NSW may offer concessions to children and students at their own discretion. Check with your local transport operator before you travel.

NSW Proof of Age Card

Children aged between 4-15 years do not require any proof of entitlement for concession travel.

However if you look more mature, you can obtain a NSW Proof of Age Card (Transport) to verify to transport staff that you are under 16 years old.

Some operators may not recognise the NSW Proof of Age Card so check with your transport operator before you travel.

How to apply

  • Contact your school or educational institution.
  • For replacement cards, contact your school or educational institution or call 131 500. A replacement fee may apply.

NSW/ACT Senior Secondary Student Concession Card

To be eligible, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Enrolled in a NSW or ACT secondary school or non-government secondary school.
  • Registered with the Board of Studies as a full-time home-schooled or distance education (OTEN) secondary student.
  • An International school student who meets the criteria.

Contact your school or educational institution.

The NSW/ACT Senior Secondary Student Concession Card is issued free of charge.

It is valid until 31 March the following year unless you enter full-time employment.

For replacement cards, download the Secondary Student Transport Concession Card replacement form (pdf 164KB). A replacement fee of $28 applies.

Further information

Individual applications can also be made during school holiday periods, if you are home-schooled, no longer enrolled in a school, or from interstate.

Applications must be accompanied by proof of identity, age and the name of the school attended or, if home-schooled, a copy of the Certificate of Registration issued by the NSW Board of Studies showing the year of study and course.

Contact the Transport Concession Office: