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Apply for a Boarder Rail pass

With a Boarder Rail Pass, boarding school students can travel free of charge on regular timetabled coach services for visits to and from home on weekends or during holiday periods when space is available.

This page is for Boarder Rail Pass applications. If you want to apply for other travel assistance for boarding students, you will need a different page. If the boarding school student:

  • resides away from home but not at the school, and you want to apply for free daily travel, go to apply for a school travel pass
  • lives in areas where there is no public transport, you may be able to get a subsidy for driving the student to school. Read more on School Drive Subsidy.
  • requires coach travel from a NSW TrainLink train services to either home or school, you can apply for a Long Distance Coach Subsidy.

Who can get a Boarder Rail Pass

The pass is available for full-time students.

The student must:

  • be a resident of NSW, or an overseas student eligible for free government education.
  • be aged 4 years 6 months or older. Pre-school children are not eligible.
  • be living away from home so they can attend school on a daily basis

Students who board at school

  • may be eligible for weekend and holiday travel on NSW TrainLink train and coach services.

Students who board in town near school

  • may be eligible for subsidised travel between the family home and the place of boarding at weekends and school holidays.

What trips you can claim

  • Up to 22 trips per semester can be claimed for students that are weekly boarders
  • Up to 9 trips per year can be claimed for students that are term boarders

Things to know before applying

You only need to apply if you are applying for the first time.

Completing the form

Please note:

  • If you're under 16 years of age, applications must be made by a parent or legal guardian
  • If you're 16 years or older you need to complete and submit the application form yourself.

Apply for a Boarder Rail Pass

Things to know after applying

Please note the Boarder Rail Pass is not a valid form of concession entitlement for other travel routes. Students can apply for a Senior Secondary Student Transport Concession Entitlement Card for travel.

  • Available for travel by the most direct means between the stations nearest to home and school without a break of journey.
  • Valid for one return journey between the boarding school attended and student’s primary residence on weekends during the school year and at the start and end of term vacations.
  • Only available for travel by the student named and is not transferrable.
  • Must be carried at all times when travelling and be produced as requested by a Transport Officer or Police Officer.
  • The pass is rendered invalid by any alteration.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged passes can be replaced by completing this form
  • The Boarder Rail Pass cannot be used for concession travel outside of these times. Students can apply for a Transport Concession Entitlement Card and will need to travel on a valid ticket.

Boarder Rail Pass holders are entitled to free travel on NSW TrainLink and Sydney Trains services between the stations nearest to home and school on weekends and at the start and end of school vacation periods.

Journeying to school at the beginning of the week or beginning of term and journeying back home at the end of the week or the end of term is counted as one overall trip for a boarding school student.

There is no subsidy cap on the distance travelled.