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Update a school travel pass

If a student's details change, please re-apply or update their details with Transport for NSW for the school travel pass or School Opal card.

This page is for updating or renewing a school travel pass.

Things to know before updating your details

You will need to re-apply for a school travel pass or update details if the student:

  • changes school or campus.
  • changes home address.
  • changes their name.
  • received an expiry notification but have special circumstances.
  • is requesting a new transport operator.

For rural/regional students

If the application is successful, a new school travel pass will be sent to the school/college, or in some cases to the student's home address, by the transport operator. Please contact the operator directly to find out when and where the student's pass will be sent.

For students in Sydney and surrounds

If the student already has a School Opal card, be sure to hold on to it. The School Opal card will be updated. The student will need to tap on within 60 days from the update to the card.

Completing the form

  • The form needs to be completed in one session. You will not be able to save a partly completed form.
  • Applications must be made by a parent or legal guardian if the student is under 16 years of age.
  • The student needs to complete and submit the application form if they are 16 years or older.

Update your School Travel Pass