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Transport Connect

What is Transport Connect

Travelling to where you need to go just got a lot easier with Transport Connect.

Transport Connect is a central hub that gives you access to travel rewards and view contactless payment activity. By signing up and linking your Opal card, or your contactless credit or debit card, you automatically earn travel credit when you use On Demand services and connect with an Opal service.

In the future, as Transport's products and services grow and we partner with more operators, Transport Connect will offer even more ways for you to connect your travel services.

On Demand travel credit

Earn up to $2 travel credit (or $1 for child/concessions) every time you transfer between an On Demand service and an Opal Service (including trains, buses and ferries) within 60 minutes.


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Contactless payment activity

Contactless is a quick and easy way to pay for your trip on public transport. Registering for a Transport Connect allows you to view your travel activity and expenses all in one place, as well as gives you easier access to travel information.

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Park&Ride with Transport Connect

Park&Ride allows you to park near your closest public transport hub and continue your journey on a train, bus or ferry. Enjoy up to 18 hours of free parking when you use Park&Ride through your Transport Connect account.

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Please read the terms and conditions for Transport Connect at