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Contactless payment activity

Transport Connect login

Get Transport Connect

With a Transport Connect account, you can streamline your contactless travel information and payments all in one place.

Why sign up for Contactless payment activity with Transport Connect?

  • Never enter your payment card details again 
  • Easy access to all your trip information including dates, times, locations, benefits and discounts for 18 months
  • Download all your travel and payment information for your financial records
  • Add a ‘nickname’ for your card and any linked device

How to sign up

  1. Sign up for a Transport Connect account and log in
  2. Select Contactless payment from available services and follow prompts to verify your credit or debit card used for travel.
  3. Ready! You can now view your contactless payment activity and in the Opal Travel app

What you need:  

  • You need to have travelled using your contactless payment card at least 48 hours before linking this feature.
  • Please note, to register, you would need to have used your physical payment card rather than a card in wallet on your phone or smart watch. After registration, you will be able to view the activity for both your physical and digital cards.

More options

You can still view basic information for your last 10 trips using contactless payments by entering your card details.

Access last 10 trips

If you are having problems or have a question about your contactless payments activity, please check the information about common issues.