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Pensioner Travel Vouchers

A Pensioner Travel Voucher provides free and discounted travel on NSW TrainLink Regional services to eligible pensioners and seniors within NSW.

NSW or ACT Pensioner Concession Card and NSW War Widow/er transport concession card holders are entitled to four Pensioner Travel Vouchers each calendar year for travel within regional NSW.

Victorian Pensioner Concession Card holders may use Pensioner Travel Vouchers for travel in Victoria only.

You can use Pensioner Travel Vouchers for free travel on NSW TrainLink Regional services in Economy Class within regional NSW. You can use them for four one-way trips annually or two return trips annually.

To upgrade to First Class, you will only need to pay 15% of the full adult peak season fare (a minimum $10 trip fee applies).

If you require a sleeping berth, there will be an additional charge.

If your trip takes you over the NSW border, you pay 50% of the relevant Economy or First Class fare for the interstate portion of your trip.

You can catch a Sydney Trains or NSW TrainLink Intercity service to get to or from your NSW TrainLink Regional service at no extra charge as long as you book it with your NSW TrainLink Regional service.

Before you book you will need to register your concession card with NSW TrainLink. You can do this by calling 13 22 32.

You can book online, by calling 13 22 32 or at stations with a NSW TrainLink ticket office. Find out how you can book your ticket.

You will need your concession card when you book and collect your ticket. Please remember to carry the same concession card when you travel as onboard crew will need to check it

A spouse, friend or relative can purchase and collect your ticket for you if they can show your eligible concession card and their own ID (e.g. concession card or driver licence). They must also produce a letter of authority from you that includes:

  • date of travel
  • your name and address
  • your pension number
  • name and address of the person collecting your ticket
  • both of your signatures
  • reservation number (if applicable).

NSW TrainLink keeps track of your Pensioner Travel Vouchers. You can call 13 22 32 whenever you want to check how many Pensioner Travel Vouchers you have left.

When all four have been used, you can still take advantage of other travel concessions, such as:

Check NSW TrainLink fare rules for pensioners

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