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Seating and sleepers

Book a seat on NSW TrainLink Regional services

Seats and sleepers on all NSW TrainLink trains are designed to provide customers with a comfortable trip. All Economy and First Class seats recline with foldaway arms, footrests and drop-down tables. Daysitters and sleeping berths provide more privacy and other benefits.

If you want a more detailed view, you can check out the XPT train seating plans and the XPLORER train seating plans.

If you choose to travel in Economy you'll be provided with comfortable seats that have a small recline.

When you choose First Class seats, you'll enjoy the features of an economy class seat plus extra leg room and a greater seat recline.

On long distance day services, the sleeping cars convert to daysitter accommodation, with three seats in each cabin.

Daysitters provide more privacy, ample legroom, additional storage space and individual reading lights.

The seating in daysitters do not recline and cannot be rotated. You may be seated with your back facing the direction of travel.

Children aged 12 years and over that are travelling alone must not be booked in a daysitter cabin.

Sleeper compartments are available on long-distance overnight services such as Sydney to Brisbane, Sydney to Melbourne, Melbourne to Sydney and from Casino to Sydney. Each sleeper compartment contains two berths and share a toilet and shower with the adjacent compartment.

Bed linen, towels, toiletries and a complimentary breakfast are provided when you book a sleeping berth. Staff on-board will contact you at the start of your journey regarding any dietary requirements for the complimentary breakfast. If you need to leave the train earlier than the breakfast time indicated on your menu, then you can arrange to be served before your leave.

If you opt to not have the complimentary breakfast, you are not entitled to a reduced fare. If you have booked sole use of a two-berth sleeper cabin then you are only entitled to one complimentary breakfast.

Conditions of travel in sleeping berths

While you do not have to book a sleeping berth for your entire journey, there are some limitations concerning when you can join and leave the train. These are in place to avoid disturbing other passengers who may be asleep. The restriction does not apply to customers travelling together on the same journey and booked in the same compartment or to those paying for sole use.

Route Last pick up location First set down location
Sydney to Brisbane XPT Macksville Brisbane
Sydney to Melbourne XPT Goulburn Wagga Wagga
Melbourne to Sydney XPT Wagga Wagga Goulburn
Casino to Sydney XPT Kempsey Maitland

Sole use of sleeping compartment

If travelling alone, you may have to share the sleeping compartment with another person, depending on the availability of sleeping berths.

If you want sole use, you can reserve both sleeping berths in a compartment. Two applicable rail and and berth fares will be charged for sole use. Contact NSW TrainLink on 13 22 32 for correct fare information.

When booking sole use of a sleeping compartment, you will be issued with two tickets for the same journey. Each ticket will show a berth allocation in the same sleeping compartment.

No refunds are available on the unoccupied berth ticket once the journey has begun or after the journey has been completed.

Children and infants in sleeping berths

Each sleeping compartment is designed to accommodate two adults, one in each berth.

Children aged 10 years and under can share a sleeping berth with their parent or guardian at the cost of a single sleeping berth in addition to the applicable rail fare. In this case your ticket should be marked as 'Child Sharing'. Infants aged 3 years and under travel free.

However, an adult and child cannot share a sleeping compartment with a stranger. If the adult is travelling alone with the child, they must book both berths in the compartment and pay the appropriate child and adult fare, plus berth charges.

Two children aged 11 years and under may share one sleeping berth at the cost of a single sleeping berth fare. Both children will require appropriate First Class child rail fares for the journey as well as the berth fare, and must be travelling with an adult.

Under no circumstances are children travelling alone allowed to be booked in a sleeping compartment.

Fares for sleeping berths

Sleepers are $88 per person in addition to the First Class full fare.

How to book sleeping berths

Please call NSW TrainLink on 13 22 32 to book sleeping accommodation.

An additional seat may be purchased if you have a medical condition that requires the need for an extra seat.

You will need to present evidence of your medical condition when purchasing your ticket. If you are booking your trip online or by phone, please ensure evidence of your medical condition is presented to staff when you board the service.

The price for an additional seat is calculated at the same fare type charged for the occupied seat. If you hold a discount fare type or concession, the same discount fare type or concession applies to the additional seat. Normal reservation and ticketing conditions apply.

NSW TrainLink operates coaches to the highest standards of comfort and safety. Seating on coaches is allocated as Economy class.