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How Opal fares are calculated

Opal card fares are calculated according to the distance that you have travelled, from where you tap on to where they tap off.

Each mode of transport is divided into distance-based fare bands.

The fares in each fare band vary according to whether you are travelling on Adult fares, Child/Youth fares, Concession fares or Senior/Pensioner fares.

When you tap off, how far you have travelled is matched to a fare band and your Opal card type. The fare is automatically deducted from your Opal card.

Opal single tickets can also be purchased for each fare band. Select your destination on the ticket machine or inform the driver of your destination and you will be provided with the correct ticket.

Opal card fares on trains

Your Opal fare will match the distance of track travelled between the station you tap on at and the station where you tap off.

For peak and off-peak fares, your fare is calculated based on the time you tap on.

For train travel in or out of the Sydney CBD on services that go via Wynyard, Kings Cross or Central stations, the distance of 3.21km is charged and added to your total trip distance.

In some cases, where there are multiple ways to travel between two stations, the shortest track distance may not always be used to calculate the fare.

For Opal fares between stations, use the Trip Planner to get the approximate fare. When you use a single trip ticket machine, the correct fare is also shown.

Opal card fares on buses and ferries

For bus and ferry fares, you will be charged based on the straight line distance between where you tap on and tap off.

Automatic location technology is used on buses and ferries to enable the calculation of the straight line distances.

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