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XPLORER Regional Trains

Book a seat on NSW TrainLink Regional services

NSW TrainLink's XPLORER trains have been taking people to some of the most scenic places in NSW since 1993. From Sydney, the XPLORERs link Armidale, Moree, Griffith, Broken Hill and the national capital, Canberra.

Built in Victoria by ABB Transportation, the XPLORER uses technology proven in both Australian and European rail services. It's quiet, fully air conditioned and environmentally friendly and can run as two, three, five or larger carriage sets as demand requires.

Unlike the XPT where all electrical and tractive power is provided by the first and last carriages, each XPLORER carriage is fitted with independent traction and auxiliary engines which work in unison and are controlled by the driver. The engines are KTA-19-R 375 kW, 19 litre turbo-charged made by Cummins. Each XPLORER carriage can carry 1600 litres of fuel, enough for a 1600km trip.

The XPLORER trains can have the following carriages.

Buffet and saloon - first class motor carriage (EA)

Seating capacity: 42

Saloon - economy class motor carriage (EB)

Seating capacity: 66

Saloon - economy class motor carriage (EC)

Seating capacity: 38 plus two wheelchair spaces. The accessible toilet is in this carriage.