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Citymapper is a multimodal trip planning app, making cities easier to use. The app allows for checking of nearby departures in real-time and has the ability to find the fastest route combining metro, train, bus, ferry, light rail, taxi, car share, bike share and walking. Commuters can decide which transport option based on time, the amount of calories burned, and also receive alerts for route disruptions and more.

  • Find the best travel option from A-to-B using multi-modal road and public transport real-time data.
  • ‘Where to get on the train’: advises which section of the train to get on in order to be best positioned to exit/transfer when you get off.
  • Combines public transport and taxis or Uber to create new and faster route options
  • Presents different cycling routes; three options (quiet, regular and fast)
  • Have a nearby map view to display points of interests; including local businesses
  • Trip Receipts – shows the amount of calories, trees and money a user has saved through their journey using Citymapper
  • Shows timetable information for all services to the destination.
  • Visit the Citymapper web app to use the application through a web browser.
  • Get live information about congestion and disruptions like accidents, roadworks and weather events.
  • Receive disruption and traffic notifications outside of the app

By Citymapper Limited

Citymapper web app