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Check it before you chuck it

Help us keep our recycling clean.

Did you know putting your bubble tea or takeaway coffee cup in the wrong bin can send a whole bag of recycling to landfill?

When you're at the station, choose the right bin so you don’t contaminate recycling with rubbish.

Make your recycling count by only putting things that can be recycled in the yellow bin.

Hot tip – coffee and bubble tea cups go in the red bin!


Illustration of a man putting a soda cup in a landfill bin


Red bins at stations are for:

  • Coffee cups
  • Bubble tea cups
  • Dirty food packaging
  • Liquids
  • Soft plastics
Illustration of a woman putting a can in a recycling bin


Yellow bins at stations are for:

  • Empty bottles
  • Empty cans
  • Clean paper
  • Clean cardboard