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COVID Safe travel notifications

About the notifications

COVID Safe travel notifications are part of Transports’ coordinated response to help customers travel safely, by proactively informing customers in advance if physical distancing is possible on their regular service. Eligible Opal card and train customers will be invited to opt in based on their recent travel pattern. This feature is new and not yet available on all transport modes and payment types.

The proactive notifications will allow you to know in advance about the likely status of physical distancing on your regular train and Metro service – all without having to plan a trip. We will also keep you updated during your travel window and inform you of any major delays or incidents that impact your journey.

For eligible customers, the COVID Safe travel notifications banner will display on the home screen. Follow the prompts to set up the notifications. See below on eligibility criteria.

You can subscribe to COVID Safe travel notifications, if you have:

  • At least one active Opal Card (Adult, Child/Youth, Concession, Senior/ Pensioner - registered and unregistered)
  • Travelled regularly in last 21 days by train or Metro (Regional NSW Trains are excluded – ticketed XPT / Xplorer services)
  • Updated the app to the latest version

Note: This feature does not support multi-modal travel and transfer journeys.

Once you have successfully set up the COVID Safe travel notifications, you will receive a notification 30 minutes before each specified departure time. You can configure this time window. The notification will provide you with predictive occupancy information for your regular train or Metro service (such as predicted capacity on board).

Notification example

Below is an example notification of when physical distancing can be observed:

CovidSafe Travel notification example
CovidSafe travel notification examples
covidsafe travel notification example

We will continue to iterate and expand coverage to more modes of transport in time:

Eligibility Today Coming soon
Mode coverage Train, Metro Light rail, Ferry, Bus

If you have an Opal card, you can register and link a new Opal card via the Opal Travel app.

Sign in to Opal Travel and click on 'Add an Opal card’ or ‘Register' on Home screen. Follow the prompts to enter your card details to register.