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Aboriginal Dreamtime stories

'Yapung Parai – Journey (Pathway) on Country’ by Aboriginal artist Saretta Fielding (Wonnarua/Anaiwan)

Songlines between Sydney and Newcastle

The public transport routes we use every day follow the songlines created to guide the journeys of Australia’s first peoples.

Songlines are an important aspect of connecting Aboriginal people to country and have been passed down from person to person over thousands of years.

Transport for NSW has collaborated with local Aboriginal communities to bring Dreamtime stories and history to life on the train network.

Watch and listen to local Aboriginal community leader and linguist Ray Kelly, partnered with Kevin Duncan and Sarah Kelly as they share stories about the history, landscape, people and country between Sydney and Newcastle.

Experience their stories through the videos and audio below.

Watch Sydney to Newcastle

Watch Newcastle to Sydney


Listen to a story on your next train trip on the Central Coast and Newcastle Line.

Select your travel direction below, and press play on the audio player to start listening. Download the recording to ensure an uninterrupted listening experience.

If you would like to skip ahead to your station, refer to the table underneath the player for your station and fast forward to the desired time.

Enjoy your journey.

Dreamtime stories Sydney to Newcastle

Audio file

Download audio

Station Timestamp
Opening title 00:00:16:10
Berowra  00:02:30:13
Hawkesbury River 00:04:39:13
Woy Woy 00:07:37:13
Koolewong  00:08:37:13
Gosford 00:10:42:13
Narara 00:12:22:13
Ourimbah 00:14:37:13
Tuggerah 00:17:04:13
Wyee 00:18:56:13
Cooranbong | Morisset | Dora Creek 00:21:51:13
Awaba | Teralba 00:24:58:13
Kotara  00:30:07:13
Newcastle 00:35:08:13
Closing 00:36:24:18 

Dreamtime stories Newcastle to Sydney

Audio file

Download audio

Station Timestamp
Opening title 00:00:16:16
Newcastle 00:02:09:13
Kotara  00:04:03:07
Awaba | Teralba 00:10:15:03
Cooranbong | Morisset | Dora Creek  00:13:17:24
Wyee 00:17:34:12
Tuggerah 00:20:28:09
Ourimbah 00:22:21:06
Narara 00:24:48:06
Gosford 00:27:01:06
Koolewong 00:28:41:17
Woy Woy 00:30:42:18
Hawkesbury River 00:33:18:13
Berowra 00:34:47:11
Closing 00:37:14:02 

Note: Content may be distressing to some listeners. Audio contains references to violence against people and animals. Listener discretion is advised prior to playing and/or downloading content. 

Transport for NSW pays respect to Elders past and present, and recognises and celebrates the diversity of Aboriginal peoples and their ongoing cultures and connections to the lands and waters of NSW.