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Improved Trip Planning on the Opal Travel app

New functionality in the Opal Travel app allows for easier access to real-time information on all upcoming services leaving from a selected station, stop or wharf.  

The functionality is similar to the information display screens at a train stations, ferry wharves and light rail stops, it provides all the next service options leaving from that location on that mode of transport.

To see the upcoming services, just select a mode of transport (Metro and Train, Ferry or Light rail) and your origin and destination stops.

All upcoming services for your trip will appear. You can view the real-time service count down information, departing and arrival time, trip duration, service accessibility information, as well as any service disruptions including unplanned incidents and planned trackwork. Information is automatically refreshed every 15 seconds.

This new trip planning feature also allows customers to view more details for a service including:

  • Real-time vehicle position on a map
  • Name of the service line
  • Total number of stops
  • Real-time (displays the time the service past through a station) or predicted arrival time
  • Get on, Get off labels
  • Stop over

This new feature been designed to simplify how you can choose to plan and interact with their trips, it also provides alternative trip solutions when needed, such as when a direct service is not available, trackwork, major delays or other disruptions are affecting the service or even if faster trip options are available.