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More options when planning your bike ride

You now have more choice when using the Trip Planner to plan your ride, with several alternative routes now available to suit your level of skill and confidence on a bike.

Just enter your starting location and destination into the Trip Planner and select the bicycle icon to see your options.

Up to three different cycling options are available for selection.

  • Easier: Choose this option if you are new to riding a bike, a young rider or would just prefer an easier route that avoids hills and busy roads, where possible.
  • Moderate: If you are an intermediate cyclist who doesn't mind the occasional hill and are comfortable riding on most roads to save some time, then choose this option.
  • More direct: For experienced cyclists who can handle steeper hills and navigate busy roads, this will provide the most direct route and quickest travel time.

You can try it our right now in the Trip Planner. We would love to hear your feedback on this new feature. Please drop us a note using our feedback form and select 'Cycling' under the 'Your feedback is about' section.