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Sign up for a new Bikes on Buses trial in Queanbeyan and Yass

Bikes on Buses in the Bush is a trial being rolled out in Queanbeyan and Yass from December 2021 to March 2022, allowing users to combine a bike ride with a bus trip.

This trial sees bike racks fitted to buses on QCity route 830, travelling between Queanbeyan and Canberra, and Transborder Express routes 842 and 843, between Yass and Canberra. Where available, bike racks may also be used on other routes throughout the QCity network.

The bike rack will be available to customers at no extra cost.

This trial will expand travel options for the community and improve access and connectivity between different modes of transport.

If the trial is a success, Transport for NSW may consider a wider rollout of this service on a permanent basis across key centres in regional NSW.

Beyond the health benefits of active travel, the integration of bike riding with buses will increase convenience, reduce congestion and reduce greenhouse emissions. Initial research suggests it may appeal to customers not currently using public transport in Queanbeyan and Yass.

Register to take part

Transport for NSW is calling for people to participate in the trial. Trial participants will be asked to register and journal their trips to help the project team identify areas of improvement.

The bike racks will be available for use by the whole community.

You can register to be a part of the trial through the below button.


For more information, see the frequently asked questions (pdf 184KB).

Watch how to use the Bikes on Buses racks

Bicycles are easy to load onto bike racks, using simple spring-loaded arms.

Practice bike racks are installed at the Park and Ride carpark on Lead Street in Yass as well as the Collet Street bus interchange in Queanbeyan to help users understand how to secure their bike on the rack before using the real thing.

The service will:

  • improve connections for the community between active and public transport
  • provide low-cost connectivity to popular destinations.

The on-road trial is being rolled out on QCity route 830, travelling between Queanbeyan and Canberra, and Transborder Express routes 842 and 843, between Yass and Canberra. Buses with racks installed may be used on different routes through the city, although will not be regularly scheduled.

For safety:

  • signal the driver as the bus approaches
  • always make eye contact with the driver as the bus approaches and when the bus has stopped
  • always stay visible to the driver
  • be aware of traffic around you and load and unload your bike from the bus-stop side of the road, as far away from traffic as possible
  • do not attempt to load your bike onto the rack once the doors have closed
  • racks are not for use for school-aged children aged 15 and under
  • the bus driver is not permitted to leave the driver’s cabin to assist loading or unloading the bicycle

Conditions for using a bus bike rack include:

  • racks can accommodate bicycles with wheel diameter of 20 inches (51 cm) or larger, and a maximum tyre width of 7.5cm
  • bike handlebars cannot extend more than 42 inches (105 cm) from the front of the bus
  • maximum weight of your bike and accessories must not exceed 20kg
  • the user is responsible for loading, securing and unloading their bicycle. It is recommended users familiarise themselves with the instructions before use
  • no front-mounted fenders, racks or baskets can be affixed to a bike carried on the racks (they prevent the spring-loaded arm from operating correctly)
  • non-secure or loose items such as water bottles, bags or pumps must be removed before placing the bike on the rack 
  • do not use force to place the bicycle in the rack or secure the spring-loaded arm
  • do not use the bike racks with electric bikes
  • non-secure or loose items such as water bottles, bags or pumps must be removed before placing the bike on the rack
  • close and secure the rack in the “up” position if your bike is the last one to be removed from the rack.

Also note:

  • most BMX, road bikes, hybrid bikes and mountain bikes can be used if they fit the above requirements
  • bikes with front fenders, tyres wider than 7.5cm, front-mounted horizontal racks or front-mounted baskets are not to be used on the racks as they will notfit under the spring-loaded arm.
  • bicycles must not be locked to the rack
  • tandem bicycles, tricycles, children's bikes and bikes with petrol motors are not permitted
  • the bus driver or a transport officer has the final decision in relation to the carriage of bicycles on bike racks
  • bike riders using bike racks do so at their own risk – Transport for NSW, QCity/Transborder Express, Yass Valley Council, and Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council accepts no responsibility for bikes that are damaged, lost or stolen or for injury to people through loading or unloading a bike onto the bus-mounted or practice racks
  • bicycle riders using the bus-mounted bike racks do so at their own risk. Transport for NSW, QCity, Transborder Express, Yass Valley Council and Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council are not liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use of the bus-mounted bike racks or practice bike racks, including (but not limited to) if a bicycle is damaged or stolen while attached to (or being loaded or unloaded from) the bus-mounted bike racks or practice rack, or for personal injury to any person arising from the use of the bus-mounted bike racks or practice rack.

Please report any damage or faulty operation of the rack immediately to the bus driver.

For more information about this project contact our project team on: