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Plan your trip on the go with the Opal Travel app

Whether you are heading to an event, or exploring new places using public transport, planning a trip with the Opal Travel App has never been easier.  

Simply enter your destination in the ‘Where to?’ field or tap on your ‘Recent Trips’ on the home screen. You can also save your trips to personalise the Saved Trip carousel on the homepage.

The latest version of Opal Travel app offers real-time trip planning, personalised travel alerts and the ability to keep track of travel activities and costs, giving users a customised experience on public transport.  

With the Opal Travel app, you can: 

  • plan your journey using public transport 
  • view your Opal or contactless card travel activities and payments  
  • set up personalised travel alerts  
  • set Opal card auto top ups 

Opal Travel app is the only official Transport for NSW transport apps and is free to download from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. 

Learn more and download the latest version of Opal Travel app now