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Light rail passenger capacity sensor trial

Wi-Fi sensor technology will be trialed on some L2 Randwick and L3 Kingsford Line light rail vehicles on the Sydney light rail network to help identify passenger capacity and implement potential improvements to the network.

The Wi-Fi sensors will be installed on some light rail vehicles to detect passive signals from mobile phones and other devices to analyse passenger numbers and direction of travel. The trial will run for approximately one-year.


Transport for NSW takes the privacy of its passengers very seriously. We protect the privacy of our customers and the security of our data holdings.

Participants can ‘opt out’ of the collection of their Wi-Fi data, and/or switch off the Wi- Fi on their devices when travelling to prevent any collection of data.

The operator trial, known as the Flowly Trial, is in line with the applicable Australian and NSW Privacy legislation and principles.

For more information or to opt out, visit